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    Hey all I am heading out to newfie land for 5 days and I am itching to paddle, most likely ocean paddling although I will take river or play boating too. Anyone got any news on where to go? (other than anywhere around the island!) Would be kool to paddle amongst ice bergs!!!

    How about urban adventure, St. Johns, anything on that?

    Thx. Keb


    Sea kayaking anywhere is good, although you’re a tad early for icebergs yet (later in May/June are best around St. John’s). There are lots of outfitters in and around town to hook you up with gear.

    Plenty of whitewater paddling to be had, although there is little play – if you’re from the Ottawa area you’ll be dissapointed, and the rivers are way better anyways – most rivers get pretty dry any later then mid-May early June usually.

    Check out for some info – there’s a whitewater guidebook on there too.

    Send me a pm if you want some whitewater contacts.


    Stefano (that cracks me up everytime I see you post b’y) is right in his post. I just thought I would chip in that the outlook for whitewater is pretty grim this year. River levels are dropping really fast and early in the eastern portion of the island. There will probably still be water on the west coast, but that is hard to predict and if the weather stays this nice it will run off quickly too. This leaves the Exploits River in Grand Falls/Windsor as the only reliable whitewater for the next few months.

    Ocean surf may or may not be on the go. This is very dependent on wind and swell direction. Typically this time of the year is dominated by westerlies off the continent and the surf is poor in eastern Newfoundland. It is best to contact a few local boaters if you want to go surfing. The forecasts are tricky to interpret and the good surf beaches are hard to find. Not to mention the boulders on the beaches that will scare the bejeebers out of you the first time you go surfing here.

    That leaves you sea kayaking, which is always good. Apparently the iceberg forecast for St. John’s isn’t good, but the whales always show up and they’re way cooler (IMO). However, Environment Canada shows icebergs between Twillingate, Baie Verte Peninsula, and St. Anthony.

    I hope this helps, although it isn’t really positive information. You can look forward to the sea kayaking and join us in praying for copious quantities of rain.


    Rivers NL is right…….On the west coast (well, Corner Brook area) of NL this year we received hardly any snow……We average 16ft a year and Marble Mountain didn’t even open untill late January……That said, most river levels are wayyyyy down.

    But, I’m situated on the west coast (40 min from Gros Morne National park), and myself and a few friends are headed to Western Brook beach to surf this Sat.

    No idea what the swell will be like…….Depending on time of year and whatnot, its usually just wind swell……..BUT, at least it getting on the water and having fun with friends……..REALLY nice long and sandy beach too.

    If you find yourself on the west coast, check out WB beach and Cape Ray (down near PAB) for some good surfing….

    Hope this helps!!!


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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