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    Was thinking about heading to Palmer this weekend, and was wondering if anyone around here knows what the water temps are like?

    I’m going to be with someone who hasn’t yet tried her roll out on moving water, and is likely to swim, and also doesn’t own any dry pants…

    So, with that in mind… How cold is it up there?


    Derek Mereweather


    I haven’t been up that far this year, although we are heading up this weekend. The water I have paddled would have required a wetsuit, and I am going to guess that it is even colder up there (air temp was -3C this morning).



    Ice-out may have just happenned, so I’d imagine that the temps wouldn’t be much higher than 5 degrees. Pretty cold for a swim, might want to get some wetsuit pants / shorts at the very lest


    I was up to Hass with a group yesterday, and the water has warmed up considerably over the last week. I’m not saying it’s warm by any means, but pretty reasonable. We had a few people swim, and none of them wear dry pants. They were a little chilled by the time they got to shore, but warmed up fast in the sun.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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