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    just trying to figure out my “to do” list for this spring. Has anyone paddled Papineau Creek near Maynooth? i’d like to know what its like. Put in, take out, class of rapids, best time of year…. you know the usual. Anyone with some info would be great.

    thanks, Adin


    I have run the small section that runs across Hwy#62.

    There is a small road just past the actual run named something Church rd. This small road takes you up about a kilometer and across a small one lane bridge that crosses the run upstream.

    It is a low-volume spring only run with some fun little continous class 3 to 3+ section with lots of wood…so keep an eye out. If there is a pile of rain and snowmelt caught on the right day…this run can pump.

    The take out is just after the bridge on Hwy #62. Papineau is a short run with a good opportunty to fo multiple runs and walk the shuttle.

    Not really a destination, but if you are driving by and it is spring…. a must do. Creekboats are a good idea

    I have heard a rumor about a big 20ft or 30ft waterfall upstream of the hwy #62 section…never looked into it though.

    Hope this helps <img src=” title=”Smile” />



    I have stopped and looked at the section right off 62, just north of the town of Maple Leaf, and it does look like a fun little run. Definitely on my list of “check out this spring in more detail” runs. There was even a beaver who I think makes his home near there, which also means potential for wood as Jeff Mentioned.

    Fun fun fun.



    my topo shows a drop called Neuman falls a couple clicks upstream of 62. could that be the big one?

    thanks for the info so far.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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