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    Wondering if anyone knows of a good play spot for current levels, also if there is one any tips for directions??? cheers


    lock 19 in the spring…


    [quote:1d087599]current levels[/quote:1d087599]

    … but thanks anyway Rich. :razz:


    I noticed another wave near Peterborough in July. The water levels were high and it is not there at the moment.

    But it is out past Trent U, on the way to Lakefield.

    Lock 20-something(23-24)? I will find out. The wave looked pretty decent and my brother said he’s seen people paddling there before.

    Next time I’m driving by and they have that dam opened up, I’m going to check it out.

    Anyone else know the wave I’m talking about?



    Just upstream from Trent U. Normally it’s only in in the springtime…..cold water….brrrrrrrr! :shock:


    there is a wave right now at lock 19 but it isnt a good surf spot..its better for running and kick flipping or cartwheeling over it. just a warning if the lock master is there he will try to charge you with trespassing because apparently it is ilegal. who know though. happy paddling

    peterborough crew

    Burliegh Falls……….. There is usally something there! not the greatest play but usually a wave right after the dam. and lots of little holes and stuff around. It is a good spot just to get out. Also Crow Bridge when low there is a wave down stream great for spins….


    Drive down river road from Trent U to lakefield, there are several waves that come up and differenent levels along there beneath the various locks. None of them are great, but if you live in town, they are pretty close. I think lock 24 has one of the better ones, but I havn’t been there before. As Cale said, Burleigh falls is a better bet.

    I’ve heard rumors of a pretty good surf wave that comes up in Lakefield, but I’ve never seen it. Maybe its a wave that was only good in long boat? Anybody know?

    Cale, classy Avatar!


    (big pre squirt turn slalom boats) at high water about a kilometer downstream of the Lakefield bridge back in the seventies. Access on river left. I think that they would be a tease in a short boat though. Had my first big scarry (for 1974) hole surf at the base of the dam.
    It has been changed a lot, but there has to be something going on below the dam at the right levels.
    See you there when the water comes up.
    Probably the best/closest thing to peterborough right now would be the Gull. Garbs going off!

    John Mason:D

    peterborough crew

    I have check out Lakefield dam several times over the past two years. I use to paddle Lakefield all the time (in longer boats) but since the short boat craze lakefield blows. However the dam whwn there is just one gate open and nothing else it looks like a awsome sticky hole, but I think /it would flush you if you got deep enough. If someone wants to try it I will bring people to safety and will try second!!!!

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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