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    zack splaine

    i posted my friends jackson superstar up for him and he got this email, we think its a big scam, post back and let us know wut you think thanx,,

    heres the email:
    Thanks so much for your mail back and also for the good and honest response about your jackosn superstar,i so much and i am very excited,impressed and satisifed about your response. I must tell you am really interested and I hope is very healthy. My Daught Jummy Joyce is just very glad over your response most especially me and I want the best for her, so am buying this lovely jackosn superstar as a suprise birthday gift to her on her birthday..

    concerning the shippment,do not worry as i have a reputable and honest somone who will come to your location to do the pick-up/collection and will be taking care of by my private autos-shipper, who will be comming directly to your location for the pick-up .

    If there are papers, he can use this for clearance and also for the shippment but my Autos-agent know how to handle everything because he has been into this for the past years and his well experienced and do not worry about the delivery as i know everything is rest assured and insured,OKAY?. I hope you at least know a little about myself.This is all the requirements needed at this time.

    The Autos-agent{shipper} will handle every other thing necessary when he arrives your location. The price is okay by me of which i am willing to pay you the sum of ??????????????????????? from the bottom of my heart as the purchasing/buying price price and extra 20 $ to have this posting deleted from the web with extra 100 $ for you to take care till is picked up by the shipper for my Daughter Jummy for her birthday. We have a big space in the compound and a very conducive and good environment to live on.

    My daugther is so much glad and I want the best for her because i so much love her. So please get back to me, and also keep other buyers off. My banker will send you a payment through Bank Certified Check $5.000,Can I trust you ?,to have it cleared in your Bank,take your own total amount of money and send the balance to the Autos-shipper, so lovely and cute Dottie can be picked up for my wife? If yes, kindly reply with the following payment details so I can inform him to make out payment to you.


    Regards…..Mr Rick Garand

    N:B…Understand that we will take Dottie like a member of our family and will treat him the way we treat our children because i love my children and my honiee {wife}. Pls know that will make sure the best is given to jackosn superstar and 100% TENDER LOVER CAR {T.L.C] will surely be given. Write me back and God bless you abundantly.I am just very glad that i meet you and glad to have jackosn superstar into my home.

    ps: incase yous get a responce about your gear from this guy his email is:


    go to the classified section and click on the red scam notice at the top right.

    Your best bet is to just ignore them.

    Seriously a guy from the UK would have better english and who would pay 5K for a boat only worth 1K.


    This is the info from the link:

    The Over-Pay Scam!
    If someone says they will over-pay for your classified item, chances are it’s a scam!
    How It Works

    A scammer will express interest in whatever you have for sale and eventually offer to over-pay.

    This usually comes in one of two forms:

    1. The scammer, usually from overseas, expresses interest in your item for sale. When you agree on terms, he indicates payment will be made by third party cashier’s check (first clue that this is a scam). In fact, the scammer has a friend in the US who owes him some money, so the friend will send a certified cashier’s check that includes the amount needed to pay you plus what is owed the scammer.

    For example, a $7500 check would be sent to cover a $1500 used car. These checks usually are drawn on a US bank but, strangely enough, arrive via an International Fed Ex! The scammer really needs the extra cash ASAP (i.e. before you find out that the cashier’s check is a counterfeit), so he offers to let you keep an additional few hundred bucks for your time and trouble to arrange the wire. Well, you are no dummy, you think to yourself. You’ll deposit the check, wait 4 business days, and then wire the money. The problem is that your fake check must travel all the way to the institution whose name appears on it before they stamp a big ole COUNTERFEIT on it. That will take at least a week and usually ten days. The funds will be subtracted from your account in full. The scammer will never arrange to have your silly item for sale shipped…

    2. A scammer will contact you and offer to buy your $3000 car but must pay with a "refund payment" from another customer who cancelled their order. Again, a cashier’s check for $9000 will be sent and you must immediately wire the difference.

    For more information on scams and information on how to report them visit the RCMP’s Scams Page.


    I missed out on 12 milion , it really wasn´t a scam . … am_is_Real

    zack splaine

    really thats crazy!


    What I like to do with these guys is lead them on for as long as possible – that way I waste plenty of their time and it can get pretty hilarious

    The horrible English is always a dead giveaway, this one is one of the worst I’ve ever seen!

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