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    Here’s a short list of the things that are required to make this a really smokin’ good event. Please comment, or if you can, offer assistance on any of the following:

    [b:3hc1pczk]1.[/b:3hc1pczk] [u:3hc1pczk]Set a date[/u:3hc1pczk]….. Boydo, could you contact Reble and figure out a date when both bands can guarantee a gig? Once we have a date set I think things will start falling into place a lot faster.

    [b:3hc1pczk]2.[/b:3hc1pczk] [u:3hc1pczk]A venue[/u:3hc1pczk]….. Reble, I’m being optimistic and thinking a place that holds over 800, but not so big it seems empty if only 400 show up….. Maybe you and Geoff could powwow on that one. Once you’ve agreed on a date and a place, I say go ahead and book it.

    [b:3hc1pczk]3.[/b:3hc1pczk] [u:3hc1pczk]A name for the event![/u:3hc1pczk] Everybody start suggesting names! My best so far is [i:3hc1pczk]"Rock the Dams"[/i:3hc1pczk].

    [b:3hc1pczk]4.[/b:3hc1pczk] [i:3hc1pczk][u:3hc1pczk][b:3hc1pczk]More bands![/b:3hc1pczk][/u:3hc1pczk][/i:3hc1pczk] Do you know a band that would be interested in playing? Are you a band that would be interested in playing? If so, post here!

    [b:3hc1pczk]5.[/b:3hc1pczk] [u:3hc1pczk]Somebody to design a poster for the event.[/u:3hc1pczk]

    [b:3hc1pczk]6.[/b:3hc1pczk] [u:3hc1pczk]Somebody to print the posters for the event.[/u:3hc1pczk] Colin… Yo T-Bay Colin? You own a print shop, man! If somebody sees this who knows Colin, please pass this idea by him. I’ll pay for half the shipping, and that’ll be my cash donation to the Kipawa.

    [b:3hc1pczk]7.[/b:3hc1pczk] [u:3hc1pczk]Contacts for summer camps.[/u:3hc1pczk] These would be people who could call various summer camps around Ontario and ask them if they’ll send a mailing out to their staff.

    [b:3hc1pczk]8.[/b:3hc1pczk] [u:3hc1pczk]A contact for Rapid Media.[/u:3hc1pczk] Ian Merringer? Somebody want to ask Ian if he can help us get an add (that poster that somebody is going to design) into the next Rapid Mag, which is hopefully hitting newsstands before the date set for the show. (Ian, you’re the only person I know at Rapid… Don’t make me get your little brother to call you…)

    [b:3hc1pczk]9.[/b:3hc1pczk] [u:3hc1pczk][b:3hc1pczk]Donations for raffles, auctions, etc.[/u:3hc1pczk][/b:3hc1pczk] We can pick a format for that later on… Personally, I find it kinda depressing when the band has to stop for 20min to read numbers off tickets, so I’m thinking maybe silent (loud in the background <img loading=” title=”Cool” /> ) auction. In that case we’ll need someone to work the auction too.

    [b:3hc1pczk]10.[/b:3hc1pczk] [u:3hc1pczk][b:3hc1pczk]Big Hype! Hype this show ppls![/b:3hc1pczk][/u:3hc1pczk]

    If I’m missing anything, please let me know…..



    Kevin M

    When you get it rigged up we can use our club memberships to email out the information.

    Maybe instead of extra bands you could have a DJ. I had a kayaker DJ offer to help out with a benefit. Not sure how long each bands set would be etc. Of course the place you pick might have that all rigged up anyway.

    I think we would be able to get 20 or so people from the Guelph club to show up to a big Kayak party in the middle of winter. Call it dry land training. Gotta keep up your resistance to alchohol in the off season.




    Think this is a great idea.

    My friend is in a band called Ensuing Silence. They’ve been playing a lot of gigs locally and in Toronto and such. Not sure what kind of music you are looking for though. They are a pretty heavy rock type deal. Guitarist is amazing. They could put on a 30-45 minute set easy with just their own material from their first album.

    As far as venues go, lots of places everywhere just have to settle on a number of tickets you think you can sell and go from there? Also best to have the venue closest to the place that would have the most people interested in attending?

    Maybe pass around a link for an online survey that asks people if they would attend, what kind of music they would like, what region do you live in, then list 4-5 venues and see where most people would feel comfortable driving to, or think is the best to hold it? Survey is pretty painless and free compared to making a guess based on a hunch?





    Hey Deemo!

    Love the outfits! That looks like you in the middle!


    If you’re looking for another band to play a set or two, The Honey Hammers (rock, soul, blues revue) are willing to help out as well. Post the date as soon as possbile!



    I’m meeting with the other band members of Caledonia tomorrow and will try and get a firm commitment, date and venue ideas.

    Steve Reble

    "Reble":1vcgmhwi wrote:
    I’m meeting with the other band members of Caledonia tomorrow [/quote:1vcgmhwi]


    I’ve sent you a PM.


    I’ve heard some really good stuff from Hipnazi. I think there’s a lot of support for these kinds of things floating around out there, just waiting for a wave to surf :wink:

    I will call the owner and director of camp Hurontario sometime in the next few weeks. Hopfully she’s receptive. Any other summer camps would be awesome…..


    ES is playing Lees Palace on Thurs if you wanted to see their set.

    "harris":2emp5nnj wrote:
    ES is playing Lees Palace on Thurs if you wanted to see their set.[/quote:2emp5nnj]

    Thanks Harris, I’ll probably do that.

    Do you know what time they go on?

    Do you know what tickets cost at the door?


    Talked to the rest of TCM last night, we are on board, and pretty open for dates at the moment.

    If needed I have the ins with most of the Kandalore crew.

    In the words of Jim Morrison in Wayne’s World 2: "If you book them, they will come"

    2-3 bands with a 45 min set each plus a good DJ to finish off the night with sloppy dancing sounds like a good night to me.



    i’m interested in designing a poster if nobody else is?..

    i’d love to help out…
    just need to know the date, the "official" name and any other info you wanted on it.. then i can try and sketch a few different ideas.

    just lemme know when the decisions are final.

    i have a couple ideas for the "Rock the Dam" Save the Kipawa Rally..

    i’ll start now anyway with the Rock the Dam, i just wont add it till its final..

    "CrazyDave":13ab3pdu wrote:
    i’m interested in designing a poster if nobody else is?..[/quote:13ab3pdu]

    Yo Dave,

    I’m pretty sure we’re working on a first come, first serve basis right now, so unless somebody else wants to challenge you to an arm-wrestle, or maybe rock-paper-scissors over it, you’ve won the honour of being Official Chief Designer <img loading=” title=”Cool” />

    Geoff, right-on! I’m in with the idea of having a DJ for the end of the night too….. I’ll contact Hurontario as soon as we have the official date, so if you could do the same with Kandalore….. (Steve tells me it’ll probably be closer to April.)

    PS. Geoff, Parkhill tomorrow night?

    Things are lookin’ really good. This thing has got some legs on it! Seems like April is still a really long way away, but a lot of really important stuff, like contacting summer camps, Rapid Mag, and equipment donations have to happen months in advance, or they won’t happen at all…..


    Don’t know if this would be worth the effort or not, but seeing how easily Level6 sold a hundred shirts, maybe take the poster or a variation of it and put it on some shirts to sell at the show.


    Beware of a Spring show Bobbie, as for most of the paddler attendees, the draw of spring paddling would remove a good chunk of the party people. I think this will have to be a winter event for the biggest draw.

    Just my thoughts.

    Parkhill will be a game time decision I think.



    Count me in to help in any way I can. I think this can work, and the T-shirt idea is a good one too. People will come if we get the word out. I think February or March would work, but not between Feb 16 – 25 cause I’ll be in Mexico with Esprit…Party on…

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