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    Hi Guys, i was hoping to get some creeking done this summer and was thinking of quebec as a destination, but i don’t know much about it. All i’ve seen is few reports with some photos of great looking rapids/drops. When is the best season for the area and are the runs snowmelt or dependant on rain.

    Thanks alot



    if you want to creek it’s the month of may till mid-june it can extent to end of june depending of the rain

    there’ some run you’ll do at high water and near the city of quebec, right now the saute a la puce is running good

    in one week the norhtern run will begin like the caché and the neilson

    and mid june the steep low volume creek will be runnable like the malbaie and taureau the reference website for quebec

    and don’t forget charlevoix, the best creek known by local only

    Jonathan Blais

    If you understand french you have to read this article… … ACTUALITES

    One of the best creeking river in the Québec city area is the rivière Cachée. Check out this clip on Utube: watch ?v=fL6yDqWx6XY

    The rivière Jacques-Cartier also have some interesting parts for great paddling… I know guys with 10 years experience who crashed pretty hard without extra gear so they had to go back… and they’ve been going since every year !!!


    Joe P


    this link should work

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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