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Queen Elizabeth Wildlands Park Trip Report

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    Michael Bryant

    From August 7-9, 2012 I led a trip into this beautiful park. I have paddled it two other times both in spring. My proposed route was to paddle from Head Lake to Victoria Lake and then back. We were stopped at the north end of Crooked Lake. The Head River was so low that it was impassable and there are no marked portages to get around the marsh/swamp. We camped on Crooked and then had a relaxing trip back to Fishog. From there we tried to paddle up Digby Creek which I have done in the spring but again it was choked with Alders and impossible to even find. Anyway awesome time outdoors paddling spotted a bear, turtles, friendly beer-sharing Americans and heard my favourite bird in that area the Whippoorwill.


    jedi jeffi

    It is passable but at this time of year it takes a little work to find the holes through the alders.
    and the channel in places is very narrow, but once past the first narrow spots it is pretty clear with several pull overs up till the next dam (it is partially washed out) from there to Victoria all the portages are marked.(i flagged them 2 years ago)
    There is another way up, just north of Crooked lake lodge there is a small knotch in the rock ridges, that is a no go, but there is a well used trail (not marked) just to the west of that up and over the ridge (go north) and follow the pond system up to Jordon Lake and the across to Victoria.
    Tried to mark it last fall but there was 2 groups of deer hunters using that trail so we went up the head again and went into Jordon that way.
    Here is a trip report link from last year … 08&t=38103
    I am glad to share my info and maps. (been paddling the area since 68… :oops: )
    and Stajan leafs of myccr has a very good interactive map of the area.
    and on his map he mentions the very thing you found at the top end of crooked … izabethmap

    And this year I tried to get into Jordon via the south end of Crooked but ran into a major beaver dam fail 3/4 of the way through and a few wolves… But that is the thing pond hopping in QEW sometimes the ponds are in, sometimes they are not.
    This years trip … 08&t=39822
    You can do some amazing tripss in this park but I prefer before black fliess and after bugs.
    Certain sections can get heavy use in hunting season though so wear your orange.


    jedi jeffi

    Ps I don’t mind sending copies of my maps it is just that on the fine print of google maps and other services like map your ride hike you give up all your rights to pic and information and they can use at will,
    Panaramio use to be protected till google took over this year and change the rules, the same goes with pics there funny there was no warning, I just went pack in for fun and checked and saw the update, so I will be removing my stuff from there also.
    On myccr we retain the copy right (the author)


    Michael Bryant

    Cool info and report thanks.



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