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    I’ve noticed that lots of the new spuds have little rocker in the tail (RAD, 4-Twenty, etc.) I’m just curious how this is working out for real world paddling and not just planning out on a wave. Are the tails grabby for running and hole play. Anyone have any thoughts here?

    Done Swimmin


    I have a Crazy 88 and it has a distinct lack of tail rocker. Very squirty and hard to back surf. Although, I am heavy for the boat so it’s not all the design at fault.

    I believe they (designers) lower the tail to make the boat faster. I also have read about a low pressure drag problem created by tail rocker. Not sure what that means but I gather it’ s bad.

    I am lookin’ for a new boat as my C88 is too small for me. I am considering boats with more volume and rocker in the tail.



    I agree, less rocker is supposed to equal more speed. When you have very short spud boats then you need to get as much speed out of the hull as possible and compromise forgivability. For river running and all around boating you probably would want a boat with more rocker, but then you’re usually buying a larger boat so the length offsets having hull rocker.

    I suppose if we wait long enough Corran will post a link to his spoon video again. It was pretty interesting actually. (It had more to do with designing boat edges, mayke he has one with a fork for rocker.)


    Having no or very little stern rocker doesn’t make a boat grabby if you have enough bow rocker. I have a squashtail that has no stern rocker but has a fair amount of bow rocker that starts underneath my knees and the stern never hangs up or grabs when I’m surfing. When I’m back surfing the boat rides on the bow and the stern is no where near pearling.

    Having no stern rocker makes a boat fast and carve better, but you can’t butt bounce into the air whenever you want. It also makes the boat squirlley to paddle around when you’re not surfing, and it can be tricky to roll up at times.


    this short boat fads gotta run out of steam soon, bring back the long river running boats circa 1995

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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