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Question regarding Les Amis donations.

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    Kevin M

    Are donations to Les Amis tax deductible?


    Hello Kevin
    Do you know what the level is on the Kip – no info on the guage available. We have a gang that want to paddle new weekend.
    any info would be great
    Have forward the Esprit things to lost of friends

    The Great Gonzo

    We tried to run the Kipawa last week on Tesday, and found theat the reconstruction of the dam in Laniel is in full swing. the old earthen dam on river right is gone and heavy equipment on site, only the river left concrete part of the dam is still there.
    The river was completely dry when we were there, due to divers working on site, the flow was way less than wat the minimum flow (25 cms) used to be, it was down to maybe 5 cms and completely unrunnable due to lack of water.

    We got a good look at the bottom pool below the dam, there was definitely some debris that could be a potential hazard in there along river right.
    The are whwere the big river right eddy below the dam used to be is filled in and a constructions site, so the river features below the dam will certainly be quite different right now.
    Due to the construction that’s currently going on there is no river access at the dam in Laniel right now, the best bet IMHO is to put in at the old highway park above Buttonhook.

    Check the level before you go, as due to the construction they may shut off the river at any time.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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