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    Goooood Friday patrons of the boaterboard and white water ninjaz, I hope that all is,..gooooooooood. If you get board and/or got some time to kill surfing the world wide web I wrote up a quick cover the basics guide on traveling to Africa and its posted on the Level Six blog spot.

    Africa is a pretty sweeet place and if your like me and need to conserve dejoneros it is perfect… their currency isn’t those, its shillings.

    Been sporting the Level six gear in Africa (some of last years stuff) and was pretty much more impressed with it than when I supply taught last week and got invited to a high school party

    Since I’ve been home I bummed some dry gear from the boys (stong supporters of agriculture) and I’m a bit of a wussy,… so when I say that this is the dryest gear I’ve ever worn you can pretty much quote me to my mother,… and I don’t ever lie to my momma….. check it out for yourselfs next time your into your fav shop ie. BOATWERKS.

    Gotta love service from a guy who swam last week at the crowe bridge. Sorry Strainer, Billy told me all about it,.. he said you were flapping like flipper.

    see you guys on the river,…

    any other africa stuff you might be wondering hit me up with a email.

    d_nieuwenhuis @ hotmail. com

    but please, I;m not interested in any herbal enhancers…. taken care of :roll:

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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