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    any insight on the bliss stick rad’s? what is the weight ranges for the rad180 or the 185?



    outstanding playboats and great river runners too, i’ve been in the 185/180 for the last two seasons, they’re very fast, super loose, and nice and stable. they have a very forgiving edge. If you like a wider knee position they’re very comfy too, last years outfitting was awesome and its even better for this year.
    i’m about 180-185 during hte summer, i felt like i was in the mid-lower-ish range for the 185, it floated me great, ran like a champ, but felt a bit wide playing, which i fixed with a nice seat lift,
    i paddle the 180 now, its perfect for playing, specially waves, and i’d say i’m a bit on the upper side of the range for running, still runs great, but i find myself throwing ends a bit more.



    Not to de-rail this thread or anything but I didn’t want to make another one about boat questions. I am thinking about buying a vision 56 bigfoot – anyone have experience with this boat compared to some of the new riots?


    I’ve sat in the flair and the V56 bigfoot. I didnt like the way I sat in the flair. Not really any thigh braces to speak of. I really liked the outfitting in the vision since I could pretty much sardine myself in if iwanted and have a lot of control. I took it to champlain and tried it out. Compared to my old boat the EZ, the edge to edge is a lot sharper. Because it is shorter though, I found I had to keep it on edge or I would just spin. Pretty easy to catch air and I found I had no trouble at all setting up for bounces. The rails on the boat actually made it so easy getting to the top of the wave and then getting air. I think I am going to go try a kingpin, astro, and project before I get a new boat. I found say try it out if you like nice outfitting and a decent wave boat.


    Yah I really like the outfitting of the LL boats, especially the new hip pad system they got for this year. How do you compare it to the jackson funs or the wavesport projects?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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