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    Hi Folks,

    In a couple of weeks, I’ll be heading down to Costa Rica with two non-paddling friends to tour around the country. Although this is not a paddling vacation <img loading=” title=”Sad” /> , we would like to spend a day on the Pacuare River, my friends rafting while I kayak (need to rent a boat, paddle and gear).

    Any information about who or where to contact in Turrialba to make arrangements for a day of rafting/kayaking would be great. :smile:

    Muchos gracias, Leah


    hi leah, you just cant get enough of the south this year , I´ve been to CR a few times , these outfitters are excellent

    contact them they should be able to set you up , the lower pacuare is the most scenic river , a must do!

    if your in turrialba the ¨paddler¨´ hotel to be is exellent place and prices.

    there are always paddlers from worldwide teaming up to run what river the day has planned for them in the morning.


    Agreed that the hotel interamericano is the best place in turrialba to stay.

    I know one of the companies that does the rafting is Rainforest world… although one time we went to get a ride with these guys, the owners are kind of unfriendly (to say the least) although the staff is pretty nice.

    I can’t remember the name of his company, but the guys name was Deigo, he owns the kayak shop right beside the coffin shop… he was by far one of the nicest guys in town and a fantastic river guide.

    Garunteed if you go to turrialba you’ll find something.

    Zack Boles

    Yes Turrialba is the place to go to hook up some paddling. The other option, is that if you’re not planning to head to Turrialba and you want to go with Rios Tropicales, they run busses from San Jose each day. Rios Tropicales runs all their trips out of San Jose. That is where their main office is and they send busses to the hotels in the city to pick up clients. I’d suggest checking out their website and contacting their main office. They will take your non-paddling friends rafting and can lead you down the river in rented gear with their trip. Alot of their guides were great paddlers when I was working there. They will want to have an idea of your paddling background and experience before they take you down on a day trip in your own boat though.

    If you go into Turrialba you can either try to hook up with other paddlers (done easily at Hotel Interamericano) or one of the companies.

    I would not reccommend Rainforest World. I could go into reasons but I don’t want to be here all day…

    I would recommend Costa Rica Rios. They have some great guides and I’m sure would cater to your groups needs very well.

    Diego’s shuttle service is great and he does know all the rivers around. He doesn’t do rafting trips for your non-paddling friends though.

    Things may have changed, as my info is from being there two years ago.
    Hope it helps,
    Zack Boles

    "Zack Boles":369z7u7c wrote:
    I would not reccommend Rainforest World. I could go into reasons but I don’t want to be here all day…

    Hah yeah it could definately take a while. At least i’m not the only one who dislikes those guys. I just happened to be desperate enough to ask them for a hand. Costa rica rios for sure.

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