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    Go see it. Really cool.

    Best film as far as I was concerened. The sea kayaking epic to antartica. Inspireing. Well made film, interresting, full of adventrue. Keeps you wanting to know what happens next all the time. Really awesome film!!!



    I found out about this one day too late…. Ottawa and Montreal were both yesterday… bummer. <img loading=” title=”Sad” />

    Jenny Right-Side

    Come up to Pembroke on the 16th, it’s only an hour and a half from Ottawa!


    On their website they say "the world’s best paddling flims… from North America and around the world." I, and the others that saw the festival with me, were all completly disappointed. It apperared to be an amateur film competition, which they should say in their advertisments. Most of the films we saw were definilty not the best in the world for 2006.

    Film quality of several films were horrible. I would expect seeing a show celebrating the best films of all those submitted would have films that are bearable to watch. It may be the films the Trailhead staff selected were just not the best of the lot – one in particular called Misadventures in Quetico was no more then two guys sharing a video camera and acting like fools in the woods – fine for a home movie to show your friends but it was a terrible movie to show at a film festival.

    That being said, the sea kayaking film, like Corran mentioned was excellent.


    There are a LOT of great films there. The problem is many of the best ones are long. The local people make the call on what is shown according to their tastes. So if the best films are long, or not to the taste of the local selecter, they don;t make it in.



    I understand that’s the case, and it’s unfortunate. Maybe for the longer films it would be a good idea to submit a shorter edited version for showing at the festivals. I for one would rather see clips or edited versions of the better videos rather then sitting through some of the not-so-entertaining ones.

    Then again, my version of entertaining is going to be different then the next… Maybe other people there thought it was wonderful.


    Yeah, my Pororoca entry is the shortened 18min version. The regualr is 45 mins



    I was kind of disappointed too. The film about sea kayaking in antarctica, and the last one about the three women kayakers in africa were very good, but I didn’t enjoy the others. They could chosen some better flims in Ottawa. Last year’s was better.


    Yep, the Ottawa/Trailhead show was pretty weak: kind of like watching someone’s home movies most of the time. The antarctic film was excellent, "Nomads" was well done, but how the heck did that Kevin Callan film get in there? 30 minutes of he and his tripping partner talking about a broken chair :roll: 4 of us went to the Trailhead show and all said the same thing when we came out "not much paddling for a paddling film fest".

    "ThomL":7rjqj60b wrote:
    how the heck did that Kevin Callan film get in there? [/quote:7rjqj60b]

    Yeah, tell me about it. I was wondering if it was downloaded from YouTube — what was with the 1/4 screen resolution of that film?

    Overall, I though the Ottawa show was very weak too — as others mentioned, the Antartica film was the exception, very well done. I heard last year, the festival was sold out and they were turning people away at the door; this year the theatre was not even 1/2 full. Maybe people were disappointed last year as well and based on this year’s reaction, the Ottawa leg may have an even weaker turn out next year.

    Maybe the festival organizers should talk to Trailhead about their selections for next year (if that’s who decided on the Ottawa selections)?


    I really enjoyed "summer of ’99" it reminded me why I love canoeing so much and what richness it infuses into our family experience. Film quality wasn’t professional (still decent) but then again, it was submitted freely. Cudos to the Moss family.

    The antarctic film was the best. Unanomous among our 3 family members present.
    Our ten year old loved Nomads….but she’s a big Jackson fan….anything Dane and Emily is automaticly way cool to her. The world kayak school had little idea bells going off in her head. She had questions about culture and what was going on in the film with respect to the work. I guess My reflections have more to do with what I hoped my kid got out of it and not the vision that was placed on the screen. Very rich scenes and the Kayak shots were good from my limited knowledge. I would have liked a bit more verbage on what the cutural experience meant to the priciple (Green) and not so much a vector for North American contrabution to the ills of the world; but giving feels good and that was a good message even if the editing missed marginally. Hard to cover all the right bits and have flow and please everyone……Emily was very impressive, age not even factoring in…..very happy my daugther has her as a role model.

    Wasn’t Kevin’s best film but at least it belonged….. the spacially chanllenged delivery person? tells me that everyone should submit their 3 minute shorties next season.
    I think that within the limit of 2 hours and many of the films over the 30 minute length, it is difficult to massage evreyones tastes in……
    sure, not as good as last year but I enjoyed it.
    There was a posting on one of the boards 2 years ago about a boating club in the states raising funds for river preservation through the sale of an ameture film called "Appalachian Uprising" fantastic if you can get a copy….good creeking, great music but I like bluegrass, kayak/C-1….probably one of my favorite boating vids, almost as good visually as Milt Akins Paddlesnake series but not as informative
    love to see more of this vein of video submitted.
    and the suggestion of a second editors cut (15 minutes in duration) is fantastic….it would give hosts like Trailhead more flexability in choice. Thanks Trailhead, I enjoyed the evening!

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