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    I am new to whitewater this year. I picked up a WS Score used; it is a fine boat, but not the most comfortable (I am a big guy 230 lbs, 32 inch inseam, size 13 feet). I am looking for a boat that is comfortable all day, and I am considering 4 boats- the WS EZG 60, the Dagger Rx 6.9, the LL CR250, or the Jackson Superfun. The only one I have sat in is the Jackson, and while it was ok, the initial comfort wasn’t great. Aside from actual fit/comfort, will these boats handle very differently? Has anyone compared any of them directly?




    IMHO LL boats are the best made, and they have the best outfitting by far….

    If the boat fits you well and has the appropriate hull design for your paddling type, then go with LL. I’m switching from LL to Riot, but only because LL doesn’t have a boat that is the right length, volume, and hull design for me…

    If I could have the same Riot hull design, but made by LL and with LL outfitting, I’d take it for sure!

    In your case the Cross River is probably fine….. All those boats are almost identical, except for little finicky features that you probably won’t notice….. Choose the best manufacturing and outfitting, ‘cuz they’re otherwise all going to seem the same (one might be a teeny bit faster, one might be a teeny bit bouncier, etc, etc)…..

    Although… The Rx 6.9 is maybe a little small for you (based on manufacturer specs)…



    Try out the LL CR250 for sure!!!! super comfy, easy to paddle, very forgiving and you can still throw it around when ya get a little better <img loading=” title=”Smile” />


    If you get a chance try out the Air 60 lots of room and a fun playboat.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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