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    EJ, myself and a group of about 21 ambassadors from across the globe have been mulling about trying to find ways to bolster our industry … as a result, we have a few little plans in mind. One is to bring some web 2.0 into place.

    I have recently set up two such entities that I would like our Ottawa boaters to try out for us… – … a blogspot (kinda like a mix of blogs and where you can not only blog, but choose your site layout (just a few themes for now) and widgits that can allow you to bring photos, videos, calendars etc. into your own personal paddling web spot. We will be adding to the variety of layouts and widgits etc. as this thing moves forward… but for now, we start simple. – We are inviting all boating communities to build up a growing and self managed list of rivers across the globe. All are invited to add rivers, add descriptions, edit existing posts, add playspots in as much detail as you want… a wiki. If you know how to contribute to wikipedia, you can contribute here! This system is care of the makers of Wikipedia!

    This is a beta project for now… but all data from the beta phase will be kept.

    Cheers… have at it!

    James McBeath

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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