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    Kyle of Hamilton

    Hey Dudes! Anyone know if Parkhill might be running this weekend? The water levels havn’t been updated since oct 13. Is there a more current site? What’s the wind forecast? A site for that?



    Scotty The MAN

    Unless it rains between now and the weekend, I doubt that Parkhill will be running. The level right now is 70cms. Different people have their own opinions about what a good play level is at Parkhill. If you use the forum search tool, I am sure you will be able to find discussions containing various people’s opinions about "fun" levels for Parkhill.

    You can find current flow data for Parkhill, the Irvine, and Elora Gorge on the GRCA’s web page, here: … =10&sub2=0

    If that link does not work, just go to and navigate your way through their menus to flow data or "Summary Report".

    The link I posted goes to their summary report. To read Parkhill flows, look in the River Flows section, and read the current flow (in cms) of Cambridge Galt.

    The Gorge, or Elora Gorge, has two relevant flow levels. The Shand Dam discharge indicates what the water flow will be over the Tooth of Time Falls, right at the put-in. Experienced paddlers run the Falls, and will want to know this flow. The main put-in is below the falls. The first small rapid below the falls will have the same flow as the Shand Dam discharge, but the rest of the Gorge comes after the confluence with Irvine Creek. Consequently, flows through the rest of the Gorge are the sum of the Shand Dam discharge, and Irvine Creek (Salem) flows. On the GRCA summary report, the GRCA does you the favour of adding these flows together and listing that flow as "Elora Gorge"

    The Irvine Creek flow is labeled "Salem". Please be aware that most paddlers call the Irvine a Class IV creek. Usually flows must be >10 cms to run the Irvine. There are some dangers inherent to the river due to its topography. The Irvine usually only flows in cold weather, so people must be dressed fr a cold water swim most times its up. Paddlers hitting this creek must have a solid roll. Bottom line: The Irvine is not for beginners, and it is best to go with someone who knows the creek and can lead you through it for your first run.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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