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    Its flows into the Ottawa, from the QC side up near Swisha (Rapides Des Joachims). Its between the Noire and Dumoine Rivers.

    I know Adin posted a few months ago and didnt get alot of info.
    Anyone else able to help? The river is in ZEC St Patrice, and drops pretty quickly to the Ottawa. I believe that last section is called Yankee Chutes?

    Anyone run this – or any other section of the Schyan?


    Glenn Wallace

    I’m currently on summer holidays and wouldn’t mind staging an exploratory trip. Do you have a topo Phil?


    Try to get a hold of the Deep River club, I’m sure they would have some info for you. Brent Cooper (Petawawa) might also be able to help you out.


    ps I believe its more of a spring run and you’ll need a half decent 4×4 if you intend to use the roads in that area otherwise you’ll be paddling across from Deep River and hiking up (put in around Balmer’s bay road)


    OK – this is what Ive gotten so far:

    -Springtime run
    -Steep Class 3+, few eddies
    -the channel appeares to have been cleared of obstructions (thats why its class 3 despite the gradient)
    -paddle across from Deep is easier than driving in.
    -mostly big wave trains.

    Anyone got anythign else to add?

    Glenn – no topo needed really. I’d be keen to go suss it out some night soon.
    Im in BC for a week but maybe in the latter half of August?



    I’ve ran the Yankee Chute section in the spring, its wasn’t difficult at the time, three sections first has a rocky hole, second a slide and third simply run right to left. I don’t know about the rest of the Schyan runs,


    Have given any thought about our proposed paddle swap. Let me know!


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Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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