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skirt keeps imploding what to do?

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    my skirt keeps imploding when i’m surfing some waves i saw on tv a baloon thing to equalize the pressure anyone know where i can get one of those baloons to keep it from coming off???


    Check out Jackson Kayak for the happy seat/thruster combo. … -combo.cfm

    There are also other hard palstic overthrusters that fit over the cockpit rim from immersion reasearch. Or skirts that have anti-implosion bars/straps.


    Buy a new skirt. Seriously. Implosion from wave surfing is pretty rare. and the waves that bring this about are even rarer. If your skirt problem is as common as you make it sound, you need a new skirt.

    Save your Happy $ and dont buy the over priced beachball from Jackson. Buy a regular priced beachball from Can Tire.



    Get an OC-1 – no skirt – no imploding + no training paddle


    or …put a little sexwax on the cockpit rim…..I used to do this on my creeker.


    My Mountain Surf skirt doesnt ever implode , and a beach ball in the mean time.

    Joe P

    for sure get one of those sexy beach balls, it helps to get an extra pop on loops and blunts as well!!! If that fails you can make an over thrust pretty easy with a heat gun and a old winter sled

    zack splaine

    hey, you can get a level six play bladder!


    a beach ball or overthruster works great, but you might also want to consider getting a new skirt


    a cockpit larger than yours, or your skirt is not designed for the level of stress that your paddling is putting on the mechanical seal.

    An Overthruster or beachball will support the deck and make implosion less likely, but these are meant to prevent a loss of volume and bouyancy when loading up trapped bouyancy for loops and aerial hole moves.

    This article provides a pretty good general explanation of what you need to look for in a sprayskirt and it’s fit with you and your boat or boats.

    I hope that this helps

    John Mason

    Relationship Counseling for Skirts and Kayaks
    (Why doesn’t my squirt boat skirt fit my creek boat?)
    by John Mason
    Mt Surf

    As a sprayskirt designer and manufacturer I would love to make a single indestructible skirt that would provide a bomber dry fit on both your squirt boat and your creek boat. Regrettably, it just ain’t going to happen. I don’t believe that any single skirt can be all things to all kayaks. Life is never that simple. If you ever find such a skirt, please let me know… because I’d like to buy one for myself!
    Realistically, my goal is to make a dry, secure, easily removable, and indestructible skirt. Unfortunately, skirt manufacturers face the thankless task of designing skirts to fit boats after those boats are on the market. And some boat makers just do not design their cockpits to enhance skirt seal or to optimize skirt life span. To make matters even more complex, there are no industry wide “standardâ€

    Simon D

    long description…

    or 99 cent overthruster from home hardware (i.e. beach ball)

    seriously… i had a problem with imploding skirts… so then i got a new fancy kevlar skirt and it still imploded…. then i got 2 beach balls from home hardware this one time on the way to the ottawa and i have NEVER had the same problem plus they’ve helped me get bigger loops and closer to flat water loops




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