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    [b:36g22pqn]Skookumchuck Clinic dates and information[/b:36g22pqn]

    Clinic Dates: 12th to 16th
    Landing date: June12th no later than 2pm preferred at the Vancouver airport!
    USA Flight Cost: aprox 700
    Canada Flights: 250 to 500
    Landing location: Vancouver International airport (Canada)
    Location: Skookumchuck Tidal rapids (put in Egmont Marina on the north end of the Sechelt Peninsula sunshine coast.)
    Instructor: Billy Harris
    Organizer: Billy and Carly Harris
    Game Plan: Fly into Vancouver international airport spending the day gathering people and boats together. Via rental passenger van, travel with full crew to Horseshoe Bay Ferry terminal. Take the ferry to Langdale on the Sunshine Coast. Drive the 2 hours to Egmont Marina arrange accommodation on arrival. (Or we can book early)
    Clinic times: 13th 14th 15th (fun day 16th)
    Clinic costs: 3 days 200.00 [b:36g22pqn]per person per day[/b:36g22pqn]
    Clinic Numbers: Max 5 people (no more) if there are more, I will fly in a friend to help. But less is more in this case.
    Who pays what: Everyone pays for their own costs, food, accom, rental van we all chip in on and you can camp or get a hotel its up to you. I will book whatever is needed and be your skookum-guide/instructor for the time we are there. I know the place well.
    Accommodations: (to be decided upon) from camping to bed and breakfast available your choice. Pack lunches and places to eat are within 1 km. (see website listed above for costs and deets)
    The Wave and danger: Skook is running at a nice tide, great actually. You need a bombproof roll. Know one has ever died there; there has been plenty of swims the place is all-good. However there is risk, so be aware and use common sense. The water is not warm; bring good gear and good footwear.
    Tide Times: running from 2 until 9 pm. (Sunset 10pm) peak at 4 or 5
    Included in price:
    Video analysis’s, vcd’s at end of trip. (Possible photos)
    Boats and Gear:
    07 Jackson boats will be available. Free to use book quick. And avoid bringing a boat from the USA. I have listed below.
    1-fun 1- 2fun 1-allstar 1- star (rentals possible from my end call and ask)
    Extra Costs:
    Accom: as much or as little as you want. (Camping to high rollin)
    Van Rental: from discount 500 for 5 days
    Ferry: 15 bucks a person, 31 for the Van
    Fuel: 4 hour’s driving total, (approx. 80 bucks)
    Food: we will have a BBQ and the camp ground is set up, however there is a Grocery store within 20 min, and a couple places to eat one right at Egmont. Food and snacks are no problem.


    Billy Harris and Carly Harris
    613 639 4804 or 613 639 3786 or
    (Emerge: 1888 247 9685 leave your phone number)

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