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Sportsplex sessions still on?

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    Last I heard Fb 15 was the start date. Is that still the case? Anyone?


    so far there hasn’t been anything to suggest otherwise. so as far as I know, it’s all systems go on the 15th I guess…



    you know what time?

    Jenny Right-Side

    From Steve and Ian’s post:
    I’ve also posted all the pool sessions I know about on

    [i:16qy47cj]Sportsplex Pool Sessions begin Thursday February 15th. This will be every Thursday until April 12th.

    only $10
    Bring your own boat
    we will have some demos
    for beginners we will have some expierenced paddlers on hand to help you out.

    No registration required. Just show up. Lots of room. Enough to accommodate 50 boats.

    Steve and Ian[/i:16qy47cj]

    Pool Session Man

    Game on!!!!!!

    This Thursday will be our first pool session of the season. At the Nepean Sportsplex, 1701 Woodroffe Ave. (South of HuntClub Rd)

    Only $10 per boat.

    Bring your boat and gear. All skill levels are welcome. No registration required.

    Bring your boat in through the West Side Emergency Exit doors (same as usual). If you can’t figure it out, just bring your boat through the facility and meet us on the pool deck.

    Steve and Ian

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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