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    Do you think Palmerfest is a good start out for true beginner paddler? I have paddled many km flatwater canoeing and run some small whitwater on my trips. I’ve recently taken a interest in this awesome sport and want to get right into it! Any suggestions on boats? for an all aournd beginner and riverrunner/playboat?


    I know when im instructing a really good boat to stick a beginner in is a Mamba, the size will depend on how much you weigh but the mamba is a really forgiving creek boat. The best part of it is, it can grow with you, after demoing creek boats this year i chose my mamba as my creeker. So beginner to advanced the boat will treat you well. You can probibly find a used one on the classifieds or around on the board.


    Palmerfest is a great place to get a start. Not only are there lots of good entry-level clinics, but the vibe is excellent: lots of great people, tons of enthusiasm for the paddling season and a chance to meet potential paddling partners.

    My only cautionary advice would be about clothing: the water is still cool. If you want to enjoy yourself, good coldwater gear will help a lot.


    You won’t know what you want until you paddle some water. The Mamba, as suggested, will be safe and confidence building to learn in, but you might end up wanting something that has more ‘play’. A river-running play boat will have a steeper learning curve, but more flexibility in what you can do with it in the end. With Jackson re-designing all it’s boats it might be a good time to find an ’06 or older Fun-series boat for a decent price. Beware of people who tell you the boat they are selling is perfect for what you want- stay somewhat modern, in the under 7 foot class, and you should be fine, and not be too anxious to get a newer, cooler boat. If there is a club in your area, join, but again don’t be in a hurry to buy a boat just because it is good in a pool- there aren’t many eddy lines to trip you up there <img loading=” title=”Wink” /> .

    In short, go to demos, borrow boats, and don’t wast too much money on your first boat! and Paddle!



    thanks guys! :smile:

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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