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    tyler Fox

    Giving up a secret is a hrad thing to do, but..
    Paddling by yourself is lonely, so lonely, I am all by myself all alone.

    So here is a little secret spot I would like to share with everyone.
    (Well it isn’t just my secret spot, a few other or maybe even hundreds of people know about it, but I never hear people talk about it and I have never seen any other boaters there and I live 5 mins away)

    The Callaghan Wave!
    5mins out side of Marmora Ontario is a sweet ass wave. It has a angled hole on surfers right that angles into a 4-5 ft wave in the center with a big foam pile. Surfers left is a large green wave that also angles in towards the center wave. The green wave is perfect for setting up on and actually gives the biggest bounce just off the foam pile. The faom pile is big and retentive perfect for stick moves and helping you stay on the wave.
    I am positive you can throw any wave move here.
    I was out last night and was able to stick blunts, clean blunts, backstabs, donkey flips and helix’s. I wanted to try pistol flips but there is one small problem in this waves perfection. It isn’t super deep. If you plug a blunt you can hit bottom. The good news is, it is a large smooth rock underneath so it doesn’t hurt when you hit it you just scrape and glance off it. the wave has eddy access from behind the island.

    To get there turn south on Tiffen rd (it is a dirt rd 2 mins west of Marmora) and follow it till you get to a “T” in the road. Take a left turn and follow to the car park at the end of the road. You can put in by walking straight out to the river (50ft) but you should check the rapid out first. The trail at the far end of the car park with the “Day Use Only” sign above it leads to the small 2 ft ledge, a hudred or so meters above callaghan rapid. This ledge has a shitty recirculation on it so make sure you get you boof or run the far river left side where the ledge is broken down. follow the trail along the shore down to the large open rocks at the top of the rapid. From here you should be able to see the wave way out in the middle of the rapid at the bottom. The best way to get to it is run the shallow slide down the middle into the wave. There are a ton of other lines but wood is a serious problem.

    So there you have it. a killer wave that comes in way before crowe bridge and will only get better / deeper as the water rises. Personaly, I think Callaghan is better then crowe bridge even when it is prime.

    I am sorry for giving up this spot to those that knew about it but if you where there more often maybe I wouldn’t have had to.


    and maybe you can give me a shout if your going out there so I don’t have to paddle alone.

    Happy Paddling

    Tyler Fox
    (613) 472-2259

    peterborough crew

    Why did you do that

    peterborough crew

    It’s cool !!!!!
    I agree with Tyler the Wave is better then Crow Bridge Wave. It is more Dynamic. But the put in and take out are more difficult the rewards are better. Plus this wave is good when Crow Bridge is at a lower level, this wave can still be fast and bouncy.


    tyler Fox

    Come Paddle!!!!

    Its light out now till around 7:oo so maybe you can come out after work?

    Give me a shout!

    peterborough crew

    I don’t have a play boat yet, it is on order. And the creeker I had for weekend runs has a 6 inch crack in the hull so i am out of boat. I will call you this weekend though I’ll rent and we can paddle something.



    How far is it from Toronto…and when is it running?

    tyler Fox

    2 hrs.
    Right now!


    sure is a fun walk talking out :lol:

    Crowe bridge is PRIME level right now…. i’m sure Callaghan is more hole then wave right now levels gone up a lot since yesterday.


    I was at Crowe Bridge last year when it was over 200cms twice…..

    I stopped by after running the Beaver later on when it was around 70-90cms, and didn’t even bother…..

    Talk about spoiled rotten :roll:

    I’ll be really dissapointed if it doesn’t go above 200 again this year, but I might be there Saturday or Sunday to find out how it’s doing <img loading=” title=”Very Happy” />



    Got any pictures of the wave? Sounds cool.


    "Corran Addison":25ju7tgl wrote:
    Got any pictures of the wave? Sounds cool.


    I meant to bring my camera down, forgot it in the truck though. Next time :roll: maybe someone else has a couple shots of it?

    Jeff T.

    Taken April 3rd
    Was there alone so no boats in pix for perspective but you’ll get the idea.


Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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