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The indisputable reason we need to support Les Amis.

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    The Kipawa will be worth far more than the electricity it can generate… The electricity will provide diminishing returns over time, whereas a pristine watershed is an appreciating asset.

    This isn’t airy-fairy tree-hugger stuff. Consider the value of pristine ecological zones in the 1800’s… Consider that industrial development only goes down in value. How much would Henry Ford’s first assembly line be worth now if it had no historical or cultural value, but just in terms of its production capacity?

    We hear about G.W. Bush taking advantage of the environment, but the guy is practically a cover for the fact that domestically the US is incredibly protective of their environment. Dubya lauds exploitation globally to support American wealth (Alaska is contentious because it’s so far from Washington). Locally the US is transforming into a post-industrial nation of staggering beauty.

    So why are we the ones being taken advantage of? Why do we give up our most precious resources for quick profits?

    Obviously moving towards a post-industrial economy isn’t something we can just do overnight… Yes, lots of Canadians need local exploitation of natural resources to feed their families… But let’s at least save our most valuable wilderness areas. Should the Kipawa be left out? When did the Kipawa fail to pass the test of what should be bought low and held vs. exploited now and destroyed for quick profits? Frankly, if we care about the future of Canada we should lower the bar dramatically in selecting wilderness to preserve, and that would mean saving areas of far less significance than the Kipawa River!

    As Les Amis has so painfully attempted to explain to us, the navigability of the dam is the legal precedent to protecting the river. There’s no ‘roll-over and play dead’ on this one. There is no ‘saving the money for better uses’. This is a case where the group dedicated to protecting the river has legal rights to exercise over those who wish to exploit it. This is the time when people should be most enthusiastic about giving to the cause!

    [b:25iofaz6]A message for PWSGC:[/b:25iofaz6]

    Do you really enjoy this sort of thing?

    Does it give you a full satisfying life?

    I understand that the hours are probably very good…

    …but otherwise, why do you do it?

    Do you just find that coming to terms with the mindless tedium of it all presents an interesting challenge?

    Here you are, your entire life’s work is stomping around, destroying beautiful places…

    …and you probably don’t even know why you’re doing it…..

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