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The New Whitewater!!!

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    Hey guys,

    Im probably not the only one who does this around here, but I discovered Kybogganing, or Kabogganing. Concluding that a flat-bottomed river-running playboat makes a perfect toboggan, and that snow is just another form of water, i then took my boat, helmet, and paddle to a local hill and went down.

    Talk about fun! Using my new CR 125 and an aquabound shred, i ripped up those hills. Just use alternating forward and backward sweeps on either side of the boat and you will do mad spins while going down the hill. I suggest that every1 try it out! (seeing that a lot of pple on this forum live in and around canada/northern US)

    JUst a couple suggestions – leave your skirt at home, you may need to take your shoes off like i did, but no biggie. Dont worry about rolling, if you are using a flat ottomed boat, its amost impossible to roll unless u hit a rock or obstruction broadside – Make sure there are none b4 u go down!!
    And i dont suggest going off of jumps…

    If any1 tries(d) out a round bottomed hull design on some hills, id like to know how they handle…

    Good paddling!


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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