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    Kevin M,

    From what I have seen so far most stuff is made offshore.

    I do believe the Level Six mitts are made in China.

    See [url:z0y03h2x][/url:z0y03h2x]

    If you check the MEC site out, you will find that alot of the Level Six stuff is made in Vietnam or China.

    I tend to buy manufactured in Canada or US as the sizing is different (fits me better) and quality tends to be better.

    Case in point … I bought a Sierra Designs (SD) fleece top in Foymount two months ago. Everything I buy there is Canadian sizes and manufactured even though they do offshore some of their stuff. I loved the top so much I wanted to buy one locally where I live. I went into the local outdoor store and showed them the tag off the one I bought in Foymount. They said they had two left same size and colours i liked complete with the same tag on them. I took them home and tried them on. They were smaller and shorter. I look at the tag and they said made in China. I wore my Foymount one to the store. I showed them the two I bought. They were even made/sewn different even though the SKU number and everything were the same. Last time I checked they were going to call SD and find out why they were different.

    I don’t dispute that gear manufacturers give back to great causes. I don’t dispute Canadian companies. I was just questioning where the mitts were made.

    I wish for online companies would put on their sites where stuff is made. Some people do not buy stuff offshore due to their own politcal views. Mine is strictly quality and sizing. I love looking at the MEC site. At least they have the country of manufacturer for each of their products that they sell as a Canadian company.

    I am sure I will probaly get flamed but hey everyone is entitled to an opinion.



    Here’s another reason to boycott China.

    Don’t just watch the video, read the article.

    Kevin M

    Are you cracked?

    I don’t know where their stuff is made. But you did not answer my second question.

    Where are the NRS mitts made?

    My suggestion was that if you are buying stuff you may want to check out Level 6 first. Doesn’t mean you have to buy stuff you don’t like but it is not a bad idea to give back to Companies that give back;

    Much like if you are asked about rafting companies or planning paddling trips or rescue courses you should look at Esprit for their years of Kipawa support or MKC for their years of free river access. If it doesn’t work out for you then fine. But they should get your first look.

    Much like buying a Vehicle. Look all around for the best price but if your local dealer can come close then you and your town are better off it you buy it locally. They pay property taxes, support sport teams that you played on or your kids will play on so you should be considering them first.

    I don’t think Esprit or Level 6 did this for advertising. They jumped on board because they are paddlers and know how important this is.
    It just makes sense for us to show our appreciation.


    If you actually read the thread my initial where is made question was in response to your Canadian company and Level 6 mitts:

    [quote:20caumjh]Posted: Wed Dec 20, 2006 11:03 am
    Post subject: Just a thought but what about the Level 6 mitts?

    It’s a Canadian Company and in case you hadn’t noticed they came up large for the Kipawa fund raising campaign.


    [b:20caumjh]Not where are NRS mitts made.[/b:20caumjh]

    According to MEC the NRS mitts they sell are made in Thailand.

    As for MKC free river access. I have personally thanked them in the past.

    As for your question about rafting companies, I personally would pick Esprit as you get two trips down the river for the same price the others are charging for one trip. I also prefer the smaller rafts and the excellent training program that their guides do via the WILD program as it is the guides themselves that pay the huge fee.

    I do buy locally MOST of the time.

    I did not state that Esprit or level 6 only did it for advertising.

    Was [quote:20caumjh]For those that don’t know, I run a small business called Newdon Industries Ltd. We manufacture Expandable polystyrene. [/quote:20caumjh] a general statement or advertising. It depends on ones personal views as they read it. And for the record I believe it iwas a general statement for non advertising purposes.


    Kevin M

    When I stated my Company name and what we did it was for 2 reasons.

    1 So I could tell my partners we got some advertising from the $500.00 I pledged.

    2. So I could impress upon paddling related companies that since a non paddling company is coming up with funds, maybe they should consider it.

    I’m not sure what your motives where for posting the way you did.
    The way it appeared after my post was that you were implying level 6 mitts were made in China and NRS were made here. Not a nice thing to do.
    If you have something against Level 6 talk to them, not me. I don;t even know the guys.
    Now you have cleared up that NRS mitts are made in Taiwan, your question of level 6 mitts makes even less sense.

    It’s kind of like coming on this boater board run by Boatwerks and telling people to buy from MEC.


    For the record I do not have any beef with L6.

    I actually have one of their shorty drytops because it was one of the only brands that had a proper confort fit for me and I like it alot.



    And where did I say buy from MEC? I only referred to them as the source location of point of manufacturing! They have a very informative website.

    Just as I like [url:e67bx0w5][/url:e67bx0w5] for detailed specs/price comparisons for computer stuff.

    Yes I am a computer geek.

    Yes this is a BoatWerks sponsored board and I do believe they make revenue from the advertising banners that you see accross the top.

    And according to Bryce the rules for the board are:

    [quote:e67bx0w5]1. No Politics
    2. No Religion
    3. Don’t talk about Fight Club

    plus one he forgot put your for sale stuff in the classified section.

    No my "where it is made question" was not politically motivated.

    Yes I do buy stuff from Strano at the store in Minden.

    Yes I have volunteered to help clean up the Gull.

    Yes I have volunteered the last two years in a row for the Gull River Canoe race by helping put up the course on the friday and being the official hold the boat start person for race when I don’t even enter as a particpant. You try standing in the river and sitting on a wet rock for two days and see how your a$$ feels. This year I managed to use a chair.

    Yes I am still paddling as compared to the warm weather park-n-play only eddy hogging paddlers but that will be another thread.

    Yes I have given back in my own way with the following documents soon to be updated with pics:




    Yes I will be contributing some howto documents to Jenny-Right Side’s River Junkies website and kudos to her for spending HER own money on something she believes in as a way of also giving something back.

    Yes i have helped out other paddlers on the river.

    Not sure what else to say but have a safe and happy holidays.

    Peace out


    Kevin M

    I don’t remember asking you for your resume but thanks.

    I think your being a little defensive. Not everything is about you. My MEC comment was a comparison not an accusation.

    If you felt that you had to list your river accomplishments becuase you have chosen not to support the Kipawa and felt guilty. Hey, that’s your problem. Everyone finds a way to give what they can when they can.
    No big deal.

    Now that is a nice as I can be.

    Gary/ Hipnazi (who I am sure is not POBO) hit the nail on the head.
    I have been too nice for too long. I’ve been on the wagon for over a month.
    (That’s where my Kip donation came from) I will soon have to start regaining my status as "that A$$hole from the boater board.
    You’ve been warned.


    Sorry Guys, didn’t mean to add any fuel the fire. I was half asleep when I read the original post this morning and instead of addressing any of Colin’s concerns, I figured this was my chance to drop that Everest link on everyone. Didn’t mean to imply that a boycott of L6 was warranted. Was just hoping to raise awareness to some of the latest atrocities taking place by an oppressive regime.
    Personally, I’m paying more attention to labels when I purchase things these days.

    Have yourselves a Great Christmas!


    welcome back.

    Yes I did not publicly support the Kip drive.

    But on the other hand this will be the first time I will be paying for a 2007 WO membership outisde of taking their courses. And this is not from feeling guilty it is on my list of things to do. I have had many offline discussions with other people on the same subject.

    Anyway have a good one and hopefully we will at sometime or another paddle together.




    On the fit of Sierra designs fleece.
    Foymount is only a warehouse/sales outlet now.
    It cost too much to import the textiles from China and make clothing in Canada.

    Just saying.

    The Great Gonzo
    "Kevin M":3geh2se4 wrote:
    Now that is a nice as I can be.[/quote:3geh2se4]

    Kevin, could you please stop being nice?

    The boaterboard is starting to get dull, you have to turn the sarcasm back up… :lol:

    Cheers! TGG!

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