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    Keith WATSON

    I have read several postings and spoken to people getting stuff stolen out of cars…the following is a non-complete list of suggestions to ward off would be thieves…try and follow as many as possible…

    Try to park in a busy area with lots of people around….do not leave anything in your car of value….second choice is put it in the trunk or somewhere out of sight…(put it in a Rubber Maid or covering with a blanket or towel will do in a pinch)…If they can’t see anything of value they are not likely to break in…..keep the car locked….I know this sounds simple but trust me…..I have never taken a report for a car getting broken into if there is nothing of value…And you would not believe the number of people who leave wallets, ID, credit cards, tools, lots of C.D.’s and other expensive things in unlocked cars…..Personally I think if you don’t lock your car you deserve to loose it….
    Later Keith

    P.S. Expensive car stereos in the dash are in sight!!!!!!!!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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