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This is hilarious!

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    When you read the following you’ve gotta pretend the Questions are coming from a complete hic (total white trash, trailer park, Coors Light slurping honkee). Meanwhile, the Answers are coming from a scientist dude in a white lab coat.

    If you keep that in mind, this is frikkin’ hilarious :lol:

    (Starts out slow, but have patience my friend!)



    Joe P

    that is pretty funny!!

    Especially because it’s in the FAQ’s of the site


    Q. So when some trailer parks were flooded this spring, it was because the GRCA didn’t have any more room for water behind its dams. And the GRCA released the additional water coming in to prevent the failure of its dams, and to avoid major damage and flooding downriver of its dams.

    Ans. That’s right.

    Q. What about the trailer parks that were flooded?

    Ans. Trailer parks were flooded because they are located on the floodplain of the river. The function of a floodplain is to be flooded.

    Open Gate

    :roll: I guess that’s why we have artists and engineers in our beautiful society…both necessary for very different reasons, as we can read… :wink:


    That whole set of questions and answers could have been said this way;

    Dams work until they don’t!

    I guess the one other point that completes the equation is this;

    GRCA will protect its dams no matter the concequences.

    Freqently asked questions aren’t likely to provoke profound answers!


    Look at it this way. At one point during this week 300cms was going into the lake belwood. They only let out 85. If the dam was not there then 300 cms would have been cranking down the river. I have only seen that once in 15 years of boating. Add that to the 60 from the Irvine and the water the the conestoga dam was holding back then it would be bye bye Cambridge.
    So I guess that means the dams are working.

    I think that last answer is a nice way of saying. “If you are dumb enough to build in a flood plain then you are going to get flooded occasionally.”
    Too bad for Bubbles and Julian. I bet 360cms crashing into a trailer would have made Julian spill his rum and coke.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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