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    Well here goes another trip report and it is a long one.

    Thursday 30-Aug-2007:

    I picked Chelsea up at the subway station in Toronto. We headed back to my place which looked like a tornado went through it. I hadn’t had a chance to re-pack all the paddling/camping gear since coming back on Monday. I started to re-pack the gear but had to go to my phyiso appointment for my shoulder. My physio guy says my shoulder is now fine compared to what it was when I had to go back a few months ago. He now has to look at my lower back. We had a late dinner and I finished packing up the car. It was my turn to pick for movie night and we watched National Treasure. Afterwards I took some nice pictures of Chelsea lit by candlelight. See selected pictures here [url:1w8cxkja][/url:1w8cxkja].

    I went to bed sometime after 11pm as I was really tired.

    Friday 31-Aug-2007 Water level -2 3/8

    We finally got on the road around 07:30ish. I drove up to just before Orillia and Chelsea drove the rest of the way to River Run. We pulled into the campground around 12:30 and setup our tents and got our paddling gear sorted out. We headed up to the putin at 1pm. We were supposed to meet some people there but that didn’t materialize. We waited until 2:30 and were going to head down river. I figured I could always beg for a ride back up to get the car later. I spoke to group of five from England. They gladly offered to setup a shuttle for us and follwed me back to River Run where I left my car at the bottom.

    Chelsea and I headed off to McKoy’s. It was really weird not to be paddling in our normal big group but the rest of them all wimped out due to other social commitments. Chelsea opted to walk McKoy’s. I missed my line on the tongue of Phil’s by about 1.5 feet to the right. I went holy shit and threw all my body weight forward but ended up get sucked back in, windowed shaded a few times, and ultimately sucked out of my boat and swam. Hartley you should have been there buddy.

    My swim through center Horseshoe was a epic swim for distance. I went under a kayak in BabyFace who turned out to be Travis. He wasn’t sure if he had felt something or not but looked back to see my helmet floating down with me attached to it. He gave me a tow back to shore. My boat decided to stay up in Football eddy. By the time I got back to the small island at Leftside Horseshoe my boat was sitting on the rocks. Thanks guys.

    The rest of our run down the middle channel was fine with no problems. I told Chelsea that she was leading down all the rapids first without scouting. This is the lowest I have paddled the river. Iron Ring was a float through with boils. The upper corner turn to Sbend was kind of a creek run. I had fun on Sbend hole front, side, and back surfing.

    Butterfly was still fun. Chelsea caught the first eddy on the right. I did the same but did not get it as high up as she did. We stopped at Elevator Shaft for a break and some more pictures. We both could not believe the difference in water flowing over it from a few weeks back.

    Upper NoName was fun. I spent a while catching lots of eddys on the way down. Chelsea had to get out of her boat above Lower NoName as her leg was hurting. Turns out she got bit by a bug that rolled up and fell back into her boat. Never found the bug. Chelsea took the left creek line. I caught the first eddy on the right and then the wet juicy line down the right hand side.

    Black Velvet was still fun. I managed to catch the first upper eddy on the right. I was happy as I never caught that one before. After that we stopped for some rock collecting on the last bend before the takeout. I got some for me and my step-mom garden. Chelsea got enough to build a small InukShuk.

    We headed down to the takeout at RiveRun. Shortly after hitting the beach someone says to me are you Colin. Yep. I am Peter’s wife Anna. Anna does not paddle but decided to come out for a road trip with Peter and Stephen who were out paddling on the main then. I carried my paddling crap up top and jokingly said to Chelsea can you carry my boat up for me. I was totally shocked when I came back and saw Anna and her carrying the boat up onto the grass. Thanks gals. Peter and Stephen were just getting off the river and greetings were exchanged.

    We headed back to the campground for dinner. We had PC Butter Chicken sauce with extra raisins on rice. It was yummy. John and Scott B. managed to track us down in the campground. They actually noticed my old kayak on my car first than my open boat laying on the ground. Not sure how they did that but go figure. We headed over to the Tours for the opening ceremonies for the Canada Cup and to check our email. It was nice to see and catch up with a whole bunch of people that I have met over the years. I managed to track down the Magg’s family back at RiverRun afterwards and then it was sleep time.

    Saturday 01-Sep-2007: Water level lower than yesterday

    Well this would be my day of embarrassing myself more than normal.

    We started out the day with making hot chocolate and waffles for breakfast. We weren’t quite sure of the game plan yet. My plan was for me to run the main so I could watch the Canada Cup competition. Chelsea was going to run the middle with Peter. We headed shuttled our two boats to the putin and headed up to their campground area.

    We ran into Martin and Mike from the Barrie club. The others were apparently on their way up. Chelsea and I piled into Peter’s van. Anna was playing shuttle bunny. Chelsea and Peter opted to put at Little Picky. Stephen and I head over to McKoy’s. Stephen made a clean run through Satlers. I tried to do the thread the needle thing but forgot about the right to left line thing and ended swimming in Phils ( 4 swims out of 23 ) with my pirate outfit on. Luckily me and the boat ended up in football eddy. I had to grab it on its second time going around in the eddy. I emptied out the boat and tried about 4 or 5 times to ferry across from football eddy to the river right side. Just wasn’t happening and ended up doing the bump and grind around the island. I ran into Geoof and Yuri at Corner Wave. I also missed taking pics of the Magg’s family when they were at Corner Wave (next time).

    Chelsea and Peter headed down river. Stephen was playing on Babyface for a bit before we headed down river to Garb. Stephen headed over to the shore and got out above Garb. I lined up with the rafts and we were in a holding pattern due to the competition being on and then we got the go signal. I could hear Corey Volt on the speakers and he said here come the rafts … no wait we see a canoer … hey we know him it is Colin Moneypenny. My biggest fear today was swimming at Garb in front of the huge crowd. I had never swam Garb yet this year and I was wearing my pirate outfit and Canadian tie. I started my run down Garb and was a bit to much left when I hit the wave. The boat spun left and I was really close to the Moby Dick wall and ended up swimming. I am pretty sure there was a lot of finger point and laughing going on. John managed to get it on video. I swam with the boat down to the bottom and emptied it out. I was surprised to see my spare paddled had been ripped out of my boat (never found it).


    Photo Credit: John B.

    I was determined not to let that swim bother me. I wanted to redeem myself. I paddled back up in the big pond on the other side of the river left island. I sat in my boat with the high sign up waiting for another run. I was the only one in line and then I heard Cory say come on down Colin. I started my run and clipped the right side of Garb. Cory’s comment on the loud speaker was I will give you a .5 for that run. I peeled in behind Moby Dick for a quick rest and then Cory said come on out and do a Dick Spin on the wave. I shook my head no and this went back and forth a few times before he said do it for the crowd. I shook my head yes but you must realize I have never ever pulled out in front of Moby Dick to peel out or try and get on Garb. I was really nervous and figured the worse that could happen is another swim. I paddled up the eddy to the top. I took a few looks at the front diagonal wave and Garb behind me. As I started my run Cory commented on how this would be some cool carnage. Not this time. I managed to get my most extreme quickest Jet Ferry ever across the river. I ended up bumping into the river right wall sideways and had to push off. I got some cheers from the crowd. I headed down river and pulled out. I walked back up to have snacks and take pics of the crowd and the competitors. I talked to a lot of my friends I have met over the years. They were all quite surprised of the jet ferry as they all thought I was going to end up in Garb sideways and swim.

    After a couple of hours Stephen and I head off to PushButton. I did not have too much success there. I had some great surfs on the wave below the extreme river right chute. I left Stephen and PushButton and head down river with some open boaters from the Portageur group from Montreal. It was nice to catch up with Wendy as I had not seen her in a year. My run through Butchers Knife was clean. I had a great run at the Normans. I caught the first river right eddy again after boofing the ledge. I had a great dry run at Coliseum by taking the center and then left line. I headed down Dogs Leg and Farmer blacks and on to the takeout. I was hungry and getting tired.

    I stopped to talk to Katie who is the weekend takeout/beach person at RiverRun on my way up the hill. She is a sweetheart. I carried my paddling crap up to the campground and then walked up to get my car from Peter’s area. I found a note on my dashboard from Chelsea. She was down at Garb watching the competition and her run down the river. I changed into some dry clothes and headed down to pick her up. I almost ran over Nick Troutman when he was jogging up the road to get his moms van from the top. I ran into more people at the parking lot I had not seen in a while. I saw the funniest bumper sticker on a boat that said “Paddle faster I here banjo musicâ€


    "The boat spun left and I was really close to the Moby Dick wall and ended up swimming. I am pretty sure there was a lot of finger point and laughing going on."

    Nah. I was in the crowd and Mr Announcer Dude said let’s all give Colin a hand and we clapped.

    Greg Konigshaus

    Nice pirate outfit. Which rafter did you mug to get that?

    I guess I never doubted you’d do it. Too bad you lost that paddle. Must have been the patch over your left eye.

    "Greg Konigshaus":1hlav2fz wrote:
    Nice pirate outfit. Which rafter did you mug to get that?

    I guess I never doubted you’d do it. Too bad you lost that paddle. Must have been the patch over your left eye.[/quote:1hlav2fz]

    Actually they gave me two outfits but the other one is too small. They figured the outfit went with my fugly shirt.

    Did not wear the patch as it threw off my depth perception.

    My paddle was found and is currently in Peterborough. I just need to figure out how to get it back from there. Eric from HorizonX phoned me at home yesterday.

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