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Trip Report – Credit River 20070325

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    Well today was my 1st official after ice out paddle for 2007.

    My previous day out was on the Lower Head on 20070107.

    The weather was slighty overcast considering it was supposed to be sunny.

    The online gauge for Credit River – Streetville was about 4.55.

    There initially was Carlo, Peter, Stephen, and myself.

    We met Dan and his friend (sorry forgot his name) in the putin parking lot.

    We also met a kayaker (sorry forgot his name to) who decided to tag along.

    This was my first time paddling this river. It had more flow than I expected.

    It was kind of weird paddling in the city.

    Had lots of fun. Took lots of pictures but … I learned something about my waterproof camera.

    Taking pictures while moving and wearing big ass gloves is a no no. Make it hard to have pictures in focus.

    We only had one swimmer today … sorry Dan … had to mention it but in all fairness it was when he was playing in a whole with his aftershock. I missed the pic on that one.

    Guys … as promised …. i have the pics from today online. I will keep them up for a couple of weeks.


    Just a reminder the 49th Credit Ricer Down River race is saturday 31-Mar-2007. The slalom race is on sunday 01-Apr-2007.


    Killer pics, dude. That’s some hardcore boatin’ going on. Be careful out there – don’t get in over your head.

    Nice trip report. Great service to the board, my friend.

    And nice of ya to get to know the names of the good folks paddlin with ya. And pointing out swims is a classy move too.

    River karma gonna get you, stallion.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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