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Trip Report – Sunday – plus 6 degrees – Washago Black

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    Well I got my one day in december … whooo hooo … :lol:

    Level was almost 8.36.

    Scott and I in both in OC1’s. Val and Bob in K1.

    It was a great day for paddling. Warm, bright and sunny. I actually had to wear my shades. I found it way too warm to wear my gloves and put them in my vest. I don’t think I have worn my gloves yet this year.

    Definitely interesting at the putin. Had to slide across the snow, then ice, into the open water.

    Great surfs on the way down the river.

    We also had fun boofing onto the ice sheets along the shoreline on the way down.

    Warning …. there was an extra tree across the river right at the foot bridge after the lunch rock.

    Scott, Val, and I ran Bell Ringer.

    Scott and I ran Log Splitter.

    I managed to get on 1st wave at Pinkies after catching the 1st eddie on RR.

    The takeout was interesting as the normal spot had about 15 feet of ice in it. We had to get out on RR after bridge. Scott went 1st and got out on ice. Val and Bob did the same after Scott threw them a line to tow them in closer to shore across the ice. I came in with my big ass boat and broke all the ice. I guess i should have gone 1st as my Virtige X makes a great ice breaker.

    Everyone agreed it was a great day considering we put in around noon and finished around 3pm.

    Peter … you missed a great day :!:

    Scott … good luck with the surgery and let us know :!:



    Val … are you coming out or what <img loading=:” title=”Question” />


    Maybe. I’ll let you know.

    Joe P

    hey Val,you should think about the’s up to 3.5. great level!!!!
    I do believe that some of us will be heading down there sat or sunday. we’ll see which one.


    Joe, thanks, but I can’t afford that much time. Being that far from a heated vehicle kind of scares me off as well.

    Colin, I’m going into the city tomorrow and hope to sort out my handwear situation. I’ll let you know tomorrow night if I’m in or not.




    O kay. I’m in. I’ll see you up there at 11:30.

    Scott Card

    I am in Colin. Any chance we can get started earlyer than 11:30?

    ~~~Open side up/~~~



    There will be four of us. Bob can’t be there until 11:30.

    We picked 11:30 in order to give it a chance to warm up abit.

    I guess there will be two OC1 and two K1.

    I can’t believe other people are doing pool sessions already.

    J-RS wish you S were here. Will hopefully remember to take PICS.





Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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