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Trip Report – Washago Black – 16-Dec-2006

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    Well I got my second day in December.

    Issac in C1 and me in my OC1.

    Level was almost 8.7. Some stuff was washed out but still fun.

    Note the second rock behind the primary putin rock was about an half an inch below water.

    I think I would prefer to paddle this river around 8.3 – 8.4.

    What a difference from last weekend. Not one single piece of ice on the river and no snow on the ground.

    Warning …. there was alot more wood and crap floating in the river.

    It was a great day for paddling. Slightly overcast but with slight breeze.
    I don’t think I have worn my gloves yet this year.

    I actually swam today. I felt like such a big dumba$$ and I was just doing a simple float across the river. I thought about it long and hard on the way home. I flipped on upstream side. I think my paddle got caught by the current and over I went. Lovely swim. Did the standard Moneypenny self-resuce. Emptied the boat and got back in. Issac asked if I wanted to quit and said lets paddle. Glad I had my base layers on considering I do not own a drysuit. Just a sh1tty drytop and half decent dry pants.

    Warning …. tree still in eddy river left at Baby Ender.

    Warning …. there was a small log on the rock just to the left of Astro-Glide.

    We took the center channel thru the islands as I had never been down there before. Issac explained the normal features that would have been there if it was not washed out.

    We both ran Bell Ringer.

    Log Splitter was washed out.

    We met the owners of the new house on the corner. They seem real friendly.

    I managed to get on 1st wave at Pinkies after catching the 1st eddie on RR. Warning there is a 8 foot long 1 foot diameter log at the top of this eddy. Still managed to catch it.

    Ferried across to RR. There was enough water to run the channel that would go RL just before going into Pinkies. I dragged my boat back up river and ran it as well. There was a slight ledge with enough water flow to go for it. Just had to make sure not to hit the big A$$ sharp rock below it. Issac was surfing the hole there and got window shaded … he said it was shallow when he came back up.

    We both agreed it was a good day.

    Isaac made a comment about a van someone was using as a cottage in the property across from the putin. He said it would make a nice river feature in the spring if it was not moved. We will have to wait and see.

    I stopped at Isaac’s on the way home. I tried to adjust his old sewing machine but I think the thread tensioner is screwed. He will most likely have to take it in for service. And for the record … yes I sew.

    Isaac and TGG … have fun at the Gull on sunday.


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