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    I get a lot of questions from the Ottawa area on the Thruster and Critical Mass, so here is a small update



    Can you please provide info about interior room in the boat. (Every manufacturer should start doing this :wink: ) Let us bigger paddlers know:
    1. leg room (inseam lenght seems to work best)
    2. foot room (what size feet will the boat accept)


    Its pretty tough…

    Inseam length for a skinny thigh guy, or big meaty thighs> Inseam for a guy with size 10’s or size 15? Obviously a size 15 guy will take a smaller max inseam than a 10, and bigger thighs even smaller, and old joints even smaller….

    I think that in this case, too much info becomes more misleading than too little…. its a boat for BIG guys (250 is BIG)…. if you’re approaching 250 and you’re tall, you need to try before you buy, no matter what numebs I give you. If you’re 6’9″, you need to try before you buy, no matter what…. get the idea :lol:

    But for “most” 180 to 250 builds, the boat is a winner…. if you’re an ODD SHAPED extremely tall guy… try before you buy

    Corran <img loading=” title=”Very Happy” />


    Thanks for calling me “odd shaped” <img loading=” title=”Sad” />

    Just kidding, of course I know I’m a freak. At 6’4″ witha 38″ inseam size 13 aa feet, my measurements are all messed up. :lol:

    Just trying to get an idea for someone my size with average size thighs. :wink:

    I’ve had problems getting into seakayaks, you can imagine how hard it it for white water boats :roll:


    that boat sure looks killer. i’d love to try one out sometime.

    corran: how big is olivier and how much bigger does he think he could be comfie in it?


    I am 6,1 approaching 200lbs.

    I have kind of long legs…. In the prototype, i have plenty of room for my feet. The only problem is that the cockpit ring is a little bit low so it pusched on your knee and its inconfortable…this is one of the problems we corrected in the final version…. ( i.e we pop the ring of 2 inches…)

    I think that with 6,4 and 13 for your feet youll fit very weel in the boat… Maybe try it just to be sure like you ll do with any kayaks! <img loading=” title=”Razz” />

    As soon has i get mine in 2-3 weeks…ill let you know in details! <img loading=” title=”Razz” />



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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