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Used car nightmare and why you should think twice….

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    before buying a Subaru!

    Check it out:

    Cheers, Jeff


    I’ve been to the dealer for repairs every month or so in the last 4 years! Residual value was estimated at 8000 bucks when I bought it, now they resale used for 3500!!!, one year before the lease is done. Anyone wants to buy a used KIA… (KIA = Killed In Action, like moving forward, reversing, even standing still!) Guess I won’t be buying out the lease next July, no way!

    Windowshade :cry:


    Want some good value for your $$? I bought my 2000 hyundai accent for $14K brand new and have only had 1-2 unplanned days in the garage …although I am pretty hardcore preventative maintenance and follow the owner’s manual like it’s religion.


    Yada Yada Yada!!!!!!


    Sounds like she might have a lemon on her hands.

    Kevin M

    But if she is happy with Jeff, who are you to suggest she trade him in on a more reliable model?

    "PVSW":2cmfrw0z wrote:
    Sounds like she might have a lemon on her hands.[/quote:2cmfrw0z]

    They seem to hold their value pretty damn good so I’d have to agree with you on that.




    Hey speaking of good value for your $$. I have a 1990 Volvo 740 wagon with 270 000+km on it. Twice a year I rotate the tires & have the oil changed. It doesn’t have a block heater and it starts in -40c weather. I payed $8000 for it 5 or 6 years ago. I think I’ve almost got my money out of it?

    Kevin M

    You can’t have a car conversation without a volvoid spouting off.
    “My volvo has 3 million miles and still has the same tires blah blah blah”

    Aren’t they always the guys honking down the road blowing blue smoke out the back. Sometimes the smoke is so thick you can barely read the “If you love this planet” sticker on the back.
    Safer car on the road but really most of the owners are not worth saving.

    I’m only keeping this thread going to piss off the Hipnazi


    When my Volv starts blowing blue smoke, I’ll know I’ve got my money out of it. Just keep making your lease payments jackass!


    My experience with Subaru has been exactly the opposite. I drive a 2001 Outback sedan, which has taken me through some of the worst roads imaginable without problem. It’s comfortable, quick, and way easier on gas than your average SUV. It also has as good or better ground clearance than many SUVs. so no complaints from me…

    The same could not be said of my old minivan. We tore the oilpan off while attempting to navigate the shuttle for the lower Mad one year… admittedly we had built an impromptu bridge over a washed out section that perhaps wasn’t as carefully thought through as it might have been…

    But no vehicle I’ve ever owned performed as well as my old Jeep YJ. I drove in and out of many ridiculous places without incident. Noisy, uncomfortable and brutally cold in winter, but you always got to and from your destination…


    Worst car I ever had was a Volvo –absolutely everything that could go wrong, did. But I don’t think that’s a reason to condem Volvo in perpetuity.

    Absolute best cars we have had = Subarus … right back to the very first one, a Legacy in the early 90s.

    We are on our second Subaru Forester. Great cars! No problems. Great customer service!

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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