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    Clives Eye

    Just wanted to let everyone know that the new video is out, and that I have also updated my website.
    I’ve added a new promo for the DVD White Noise and some other stuff. There’s also a little snowboarding video I put together for a friend.

    Currently, I am unable to give much information for ordering the DVD over there, so I’m posting here.

    If your interested in obtaining a copy, you will have to email me and I will fill you in on where to send your cheque or money order. You can contact me by email over at

    The unit price is $20 USD includes free shipping within continental US and Alaska.
    Canadian price is $20 CAN with free shipping in Canada.
    Elsewhere, it’s $20 USD plus shipping. Send me an email and we’ll sort it out.

    Jenny Right-Side

    Thanks Clive!
    Great new site, and I still can’t get enough of that Buseater video. It’s just classic!


    ……looks like a great film! I can hardly wait to see it!


    Hey, already got my copy last weekend (sweet). Here’s a little mini review.

    Production and video quality is top notch. I like the opening menu. If you’ve wanted full screen versions of what’s on his site, it’s in there (and more).

    Best part really, is it’s mostly all local stuff that people can relate to (Gat., Bussy, Rouge, Moose, and some other stuff I didn’t recognize). Big names and no-names.

    Great video to music editing (instead of just dumping a few Swollen Members tracks in there which seems to be the norm).

    Some nice carnage, and near carnage in it too (live bait on the Seven Sisters, and B-Rad almost getting smoked by a monster strainer).


    Brad Sutton

    Here is what went down the year was 2002 in the season of spring at the Galletta dam on the Mississippi I ran the mandatory 10 foot slide thing coming out of the dam. I then tried to traverse over to the far side of the river it then became clear I was not going to make it to the other side of the far island. Once I got closer to the island splitting the flow from a 100-yard wide long terminal hydraulic I could see a log coming off it right behind the ledge about two ½ to 3 feet so I went under the first log that is sort of hard to see in the video from what I remember. Then the log flips me underneath the log putting me onto my right hip, side surfing the monster Hydraulic all the way across the traverse I had just made. Need less to say once my momentum started, I was clearly going to have to keep it up to punch through the far side of the hydraulic monster I now faced! Once I punched through the far side, I thought it would be no worries, but this is where the true mayhem hits me when I look downstream and see a strainer right below me. So psyched out at this point after all I have went through, I nearly flip over not once but I believe twice just for shits and giggles and the second time I push hard off of the river bed floor with my paddle to try and stop the flipping realizing that a third flip could be catastrophic. As I right my kayak, I start to ninja stroke with the look of an Olympic paddler eddy hopping in front of the log between terminal hydraulics until I traverse far enough over to catch a super micro eddy next to the root system at the base of the log. I then was jumping out of my kayak literally throwing my paddle in the water and popping my skirt all at once clinging to the tree inching my way up onto the root system slowly trying not to flip in the micro eddy if you could even call it an eddy, until I was free of my kayak.
    thank god for nine lives, I think I may have used them all that day! :shock:
    cheers, <img loading=” title=”Very Happy” />
    B rad PS. If you thinkChris McDermott’s Carnage is bad in H2HO you
    ain’t seen nothing yet punk!!!!!! <img loading=” title=”Cool” />

    Brad Sutton

    Check this clip of Nick Easley missing his line on Gorilla, broke two ribs, K-O’d himself for a second or two and hurt his ego pretty bad. But all this said Nick walked out on his own two feet after the accident, what a champ!

    Beware not for the weak, hearted!

    B rad

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