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    Kevin V

    This past weekend was great. Alot of people where out to share the river.

    Does anyone have ideas on how to make another release possible or who to talk to about making this happen again ???


    break down the damn dam!

    "dan9876":2s4i7nva wrote:
    break down the damn dam![/quote:2s4i7nva]

    Uh, yeah… Then the flow would equal the Belwood inflow of 1.46cms right now, and the Shand Reservoir would be a 14km long mudhole…..

    Temporary levels of 5000cms would be interesting for nearby livestock, not to mention Fergus and Elora locals.

    The Shand actually creates one of the world’s best tailwater fisheries. Fly fishermen from all over the world travel to the Grand from May through September….. The summer levels (averaging 4.5cms) are already boosted by the dam, and would otherwise equal the summer inflow, which is usually much lower…..

    The paddling is world class in March, April, October, November, and December….. The fly fishing is world class in May, June, July, August, September….. The Shand is a water control dam… It didn’t destroy any original whitewater, and now it creates recreational opportunities.

    It’s perfectly good the way it is… Paddle in the Spring and Fall when it’s above 40cms… Right now I recommend taking up fly fishing, or driving to the Pet, Ottawa, or Mag (apparently Laurentians and Adirondacks are quite good right now too).

    Looks like the reservoir is already below optimal from the weekend release…



    your numbers dont impress me bobbie.

    Kevin V

    Bobbie, although it’s not what i wanted to hear thanks for your input. I don’t fully understand how all these water systems work.So from what your saying they can’t do a schedueled release at least one more time during the late spring or into the summer due to some harm it may cause to local’s and the fishing.
    Well both days the people fishing seemed to be enjoying them selves and i did kayaking. Guess i might have to work with Dan on breaking down part of the dam.

    Kevin M

    Don’t waste your time with a wimpy 11cms. Get a real one. 40 – 60 cms Then there is really good play. It helps to pray for rain as well. It takes about 2-3 inches of rain to get us a release at this time of year. I’ve seen the river run at 120 in July before as well. But it has only happened twice in 15 years so that is not something worth hoping for.

    My suggestion would be to join Ontario Whitewater and work from within to get a release for a festival. It would be a huge amount of work and lots of people would complain about your efforts while they are enjoying the results of your work. But if you were succesful it would be really cool.

    Talk to Peter Karwacki. He can give you some guidelines on how to get in touch with local officials.

    Or you could take Bobbies advice. Be man and paddle in the Fall Winter and Spring. We got about 15 days on the river since january

    "Kevin V":97x47mf6 wrote:
    So from what your saying they can’t do a schedueled release at least one more time during the late spring or into the summer due to some harm it may cause to local’s and the fishing.[/quote:97x47mf6]

    They’re trying to maintain a minimum flow to keep the fish healthy… They fill up the reservoir in the spring, then use the extra water to augment the summer flows… They only have X amount of water to last the entire summer…..

    Without the dam the summer levels would be 1/5th what they normally are, but they’d spike after heavy rains (but not much in the summer anyways).

    Interestingly, what they’ve done with the dam is make the river more similar to its natural state….. When the Grand River’s drainage basin was forrested, the rain seeped through the water table very slowly, and the trees kept it cool. Now the water flows quickly off farmland and straight into the river, so we get low, hot water, followed by sudden spikes.

    Things are getting even worse now that farmers are tiling their fields:

    It’s a serious problem…..

    Belwood Lake (Shand Dam) is basically a man-made natural buffer for improving the water quality of the river.

    In the fall they have to keep the lake level constant to allow it to freeze, and give them a buffer for the spring runoff, so we get good fall levels. In the spring when there’s too much runoff for the reservoir’s requirements we get good spring levels.

    It’s a great river.

    Kevin V

    Hey thanks again for your input and the link. This is all appreciated especialy with myself be fairly new to the sport and not knowing the way these water systems work.


    Don’t forget that the tubers would get trashed at levels above 5 cms!
    Good paddling with you on the weekend Kevin. Agree Billy was a great teacher, even for a single blader like me.

    Kevin V

    Nice to hear from you Geoff, i’ll keep my eyes open for that BARNEY BOAT…at Palmers this weekend.


    I`m all for bigger water! The fly fishers can go farther down the river as far as I`m concerned. I`m still new to the sport, but loving it, and I feel priviledged to have such a great venue so close to home! Whether the skies open or theres a damn release, more water would be welcomed!!

    HEIDZ (ricorthrill`s girl)

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