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    LOTS of options this weekend.

    Ottawa: expect long lines at minibus, emptiness elsewhere
    Electric Chair: the secret Belleville spot: check the board for directions
    Hass: great level, probably accessible
    Inner City: epic level, probably have it to yourself due to worlds on Ottawa

    Hwy 7: Beaver, Black, Salmon, Skoot, Fish Hatchery all running
    Lower Mad

    Oxtongue: may require some walking, but good level
    Upper Drag: Haliburton early-season jewel: check the board for a recent report
    Upstate New York: lots of stuff running. Check levels and beta at: New York Gauges[/url:356rkq6g]

    Check out all the info at: Whats Running[/url:356rkq6g]

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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