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    Big thanks to Bryce for helping with the new index page. Rivers are now in alphabetical order, the levels/flows are on the index page, and the little gauge reading that gives a hint of the relative flow are all up.

    It looks like southwestern Ontario is going off: Parkhill is in and rising, Bloop is washed out. Elora is responding slowly, the flow out of Shand Dam is not rising very quickly.

    Other runs are just starting to respond to the rain. It looks like logs are being pulled on the Lower Mad, and the Gull is starting to come up. Don’t look for big jumps on the Gull unless they pull logs

    The Oxtongue is on the rise. I will try to get a visual confirmation of the level today.

    Champlain is looking good for the weekend: although the Brittania gauge is not rising

    REMEMBER: the water is still super-cold and any flatwater is likely to have ice on it. Don’t paddle alone, dress smart and do your paddling buddies a favour and get some air bags. <img loading=” title=”Very Happy” />


    2 more to add:

    Expo / Habitat 67 should be around 7900 for prime. Currently too high but there would be a green wave close to shore … ion=001003

    Chambly (gotta be over 500 but 600+ is best. It can get too high (+1000 but I think that’s rare). Currently +/- 550. … ion=030401

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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