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What do you think the number two priority of WO should be?

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    Peter Karwacki

    Give us a leg up for our planning and action plan.


    The views expressed here are my own. In expressing these views, I am not speaking for Les Amis de la rivière Kipawa or Whitewater Ontario. The executive of these organizations have not vetted these comments and may disagree with the positions I take on issues, or the manner in which I choose to state them.



    Peter Karwacki

    The target grantor will be Trillium foundation:

    Initially I felt a travelling road show complete with kayaks, c1, trailer, pool rental, newspaper ads, kits for people wanting to start new club,

    In the process catalog river paddling opportunities, increase awareness of threats to rivers we’ve taken for granted,

    The propsal needs to be prepared by second week of February with evidence of tools or methods to assess whether the program funded was a success.


    The thrird Priorty should be taking as many polls as possible!!!!!

    Peter Karwacki

    You may have said that in jest, but actually, now that I’m finally figuring out how to use this bulletion board format, I want to use it to great advantage in reaching my target audience.

    as you know I am the vice president of Les Amis, and the President of whitewater Ontario this year.

    I have ambitious plans for river preservation.

    But I’m also a paddler, long time, having been around the world with paddle in hand.

    so Yes, I will use polls to find out what people are thinking out there, anduse feedback like yours to guide myself.

    Boaterboard has become the "defacto" leader for all other bulletin boards out there, it is well managed, and maintained.

    So go ahead, make a poll. Lets see what those sandbaggers out there, and there are very many, are thinking.



    Seems kind of funny that the WO has to do all its advertising, notifying, and recruiting on a private business owners web site. Why doesn’t the WO have a website like this with a chat room forum so that people can go there to discuss WO topics and get informed. OVKC even has a website that you can go if you are visiting and check out. And if you are a member you get a whole other area to see what’s going on. Is it because no one goes to the WO website or that know cares what’s going on.

    Kevin M

    If you have time to complain you have time to help out.


    You probally already know this but I will let you know anyway. Your wrong. I am here as a public servant, just to get people talking. I do my fair share for the paddling community. And I would take on something like that if I was computer savvy.


    Our web person is looking int upgrading the system for partially that purpose.

    Chat board? Not sure yet, but definitely an information board, newsletter, a way to post info, Instructor material, proficiency logs, Instructor hour logs….

    It’s on its way!



    Thanks Localpaddler for your gracious concern for me and the others.

    Whatever would we do without the kind of unselfish help you bestow on us all.

    I am forever in your debt, feel free to ask anything of me, I haven’t anything at all to do and can releive you of your incredible social burden.

    But you probably already knew this!

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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