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What is Champlain like right now

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    Thinking of coing down for some paddling on that awesome wave… whats it like right now?



    CB is the best i have ever seen it! It Rules, its cold as hell, but it rules! <img loading=” title=”Very Happy” />

    The wave has a nice corner (a little steep for me, but still kicks ass),
    and some good (long) foam piles streatching out for a ways beside it
    then there are some good waves below. like 4!

    People are throwing all kinds of moves! (some are crazy enough to try loops and shit like that)
    but its awsome, eddy dosn’t even need a rope you just paddle up!

    Open Gate

    Hi Corran !

    Optimal would be the answer. Level at Brittania Peaked at 4.5 last year(same then level 6 competition held early may) it’s almost there right now.

    Full eddy service, 1st wave too fast (may be for your fast dragorossi boats), 2nd wave has a nice green shoulder for vertical moves and is very sticky throughout)
    3rd wave is also nice but a bit shallow.

    Crowding is a problem, I recommend you avoid peak hours ie late afternoon if you want lots of time on that great feature.

    Enjoy !


    Level is great right now, best I’ve seen it!

    Corran, you should bring a couple of boats up and make it a demo day for Dragorossi. Let us know when you plan to make a visit to Champlain.

    I’d try one…


    check out saturday’s pic’s

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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