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What would you pay ten dollars to see/hear?

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    Peter Karwacki

    I’m planning a fund raising for Les Amis de la Riviere Kipawa.

    Lets hear from you.

    If we book the Bronson Center which seats 900, what/who would you pay $10.00 to see or hear.

    Would it be a debate between Hydro Quebec and Les Amis, would it be a speech from David Suzuki?,
    How about a play on environmentalism.

    …. or would you just prefer to see the dignitary of your choice laid bare.?



    David Suzuki!! :smile:


    the rolling stones


    Hi Peter
    Where is the Bronson center? If it’s in Ottawa I think you may have a tough time convincing 900 paddlers to come out. How about having a bunch of smaller events and showing some of the more recent paddling films at different destinations including Toronto or even at some of the Raft resorts inorder to raise money and get people while they are in the paddling mood. Maybe even the Gull fest coming up? Just some thoughts.

    Peter Karwacki

    The Bronson center is in Ottawa so it was a venue I was interested in using in this area, but not to say other venues aren’t appropriate.

    The crowd need not be paddlers, in fact any environmentalist crowd, or those interested in environmental law, for example, would do.

    Thanks for the suggestions.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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