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Where is Beaver Creek?

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    I am thinking of paddling Beaver Creek on Saturday, but don’t know where it is…any help out there? Also, is it a busy run? wouldn’t mind bumping into another paddler or two to find out some more info about the run (length, possibole shuttle studff, etc)


    Beaver Creek is a spring run, class 3-4. If you show up in Marmora (turn left at the traffic lights, main corner of town) around 10 am. you should be able to hook up with other paddlers.

    Safe paddling, Leah

    tyler Fox

    The Marm town!


    Go SweatHogs <img loading=” title=”Razz” />

    Put-in – Shanick road at the powerlines…
    Take-out- Beaver creek road, at the old cement bridge by the ‘other powerlines…
    …to get to Shanick, Turn left at lights in Marmora, go up and out of north end of town… you’ll see the dam and the Crowe River on the left as you leave town…Take the first right hand road about 4oo-500 metres out of town(used to be called centreline r.d.) and follow it past Beaver Creek road.This is the “take-out road”,BTW… (Go left for take -out heading west here)……Go Straight if you’re going to Shanick and the Put-in by staying on Centreline until you come to a ” Y ” in the road…Keep Left, this is Shanick road….The other way brings you out towards Malone and on ‘yer way to Madoc!
    hope this helps…Just stop and ask.Most locals know where Shanick is and the old bridge on Beaver Creek road where the powerlines are…
    take care,

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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