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    I went to surf Remics’ wave today and met Clive of Clive’s Eye (the white water video producer). Really classy guy! He let me have his latest production video, White Noise. I have to say it’s my new favorite video. A lot of playboating, running the Ottawa, fabulous Buseater files, the Gatineau and I think Fowlers Falls, as well as antics in the swimming pool and lots more, kayaking, c-1ing and canoeing. Be advised that some of the content are PG for sure, a very, very small part of the video… Good sound track, retro 70’s. Clive is a really good paddler, he went on to surf Remic for at least 25 minutes, I got my best surf od 30 seconds, sigh…, the foam pile is small and you can’t stay on the shoulder or you’ll fall off.. Anyway just wanted to say that if you want a really, really good white water video, including a lot, lots! of carnage by average Joes, then get your hands on this White Noise video, it’s a hoot!

    Paul <img loading=” title=”Cool” />

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