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    Peter Karwacki

    Take a look at this picture. It was taken in Kirkland Lake in and around 1986.

    These people are members of NOLAC, the Northern Ontario Liquid Adventurer’s Club. This club, associated with Whitewater Ontario, then known as Ontario Wildwater Affiliation. Later many of its members became proactive in Whitewater Ontario, or Les Amis de la riviere Kipawa.

    Consider establishing a strong linkage between your club and Whitewater Ontario. It can have a lasting and beneficial effect on the sport, and our rivers.


    Why are you only asking if paddler groups are members, why not single paddlers too.

    Peter Karwacki

    I think Boatwerks is doing both Whitewater Ontario and les amis de la riviere Kipawa a great service. This board is a fantastic resource for whitewater paddlers.

    In my experience, clubs nurture a kind of reciprocity which encourages growth and opportunity.

    Single memberships are available, but slightly more expensive than a club membership. Clubs pay a modest $25.00 to belong and as a result individuals who belong to that club save a modest amount $5.00 for belonging to a club.

    I’m interested in know which groups out there have members but whose club is not a member of Whitewater Ontario.

    In my grant proposal to Trillium I hope to propose benefits of membership to Whitewater Ontario such as attendence at river preservation conferences, strategic planning symposiums, access to upgraded website, funds to support the river inventory project already started, club development manuals. You may have your own suggestions: the application is due March 1st.

    Now here is the sales pitch.

    We have identified through informal polls on this board, that bar none, river preservation issues are the most important to paddlers who see this as a functional area of Whitewater Ontario. It is in its mission to follow this objective.

    We live in an age of big business, big unions, and big associations, lobbyists. When an environmental assessment is done, for example, project administrators look to identifiable groups for input – but not individuals.

    This is the power and leverage you get when you belong to an organization like Whitewater Ontario. Not only is it funded by the Ministry of Health: Health Promotions Branch but it has over 500 members plus commercial members who, over a period of long standing represented the needs, hopes and desires of the commercial and recreational paddler.

    Membership counts and club membership counts even more. Together we have the ability to represent our sport well and protect our primary resources, the lakes and rivers we paddle on, not only from dams and water controls but also pollution and diminished access.

    I would encourage paddlers to belong to a club and for that club to belong to whitewater ontario.Get interested in its organization and mandate and just see the rewards that ensue.

    You can get your membership today by calling our office.

    Advantages of membership:

    Receive Whitewater Ontario Events and Directory Booklet and CURRENTS, our newsletter
    $ 5,000,000 insurance coverage when you attend sanctioned events and races
    Access to private camping facilities, hiking trails and Gull River at the Minden Wild Water Preserve
    Support of organized paddling events and competitions
    Discounts with participating Commercial members, including Rapid Magazine
    Support the development and delivery of high caliber instructional clinics and programs
    Promotion of safe paddling on all our rivers
    Access to our resource library
    Membership helps fund efforts of river conservation/preservation and site development
    Whitewater Ontario
    411 Carnegie Beach Road
    Port Perry, Ontario
    L9L 1B6
    Ph: (905)-985-4585 or 1-888-322-2849

    And… one more thing!

    In my days working with volunteer groups, I have never worked with a finer group of individuals than the ones I currently work with as a member of the Ottawa River Runners, Whitewater Ontario or Les amis de la riviere Kipawa. The level of competency, dedication and intelligence, not to mention commitment and hardwork has been unmatched. Special mention to the Guelph Paddling club and Kevin Maggs.

    The paddling community is the beneficiary. Now… Join a club please.


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