Boatwerks Story

MindenIn 2007 Boatwerks, a small chain of specialty kayaking stores in Minden and Haliburton, became partners with Algonquin Outfitters and solidified their slogan of “Canada’s Best Kayak Shops”.

Back in the spring of 1997, Kieran and Scott of Wildrock in Peterborough expanded the business with an innovative concept for a world-class whitewater retail operation called “Boatwerks.” Boatwerks comprised a web-based store, a traditional store at the Wild Rock Outfitters location, and mobile seasonal stores located on the shores of the Ottawa River, Gull River and Madawaska River. The Boatwerks concept proved a recipe for success and, within three years, Boatwerks was the largest seller of whitewater kayaks in Canada. Not content with the outstanding success of Boatwerks, Kieran and Scott sold the Boatwerks portion of their business to long-time employee Jeff Strano in the fall of 2002.

The Boater Board

Boatwerks hosts the Boater Board on it’s website, This popular Kayaking Forum features discussion on whitewater paddling, equipment & gear, places to paddle and is a great place to swap whitewater equipment.