Ok yeah, I’ve been training a little bit, for Team Trials – in what is essentially a goal not to completely embarrass myself, and to maybe get on the team. All that aside (there will be an update about that…) I’ve been trying to work on combo moves to keep learning new things and not just focus on training cause that would be boring. So, Combo Moves. They are #$%#ing hard.

In this paddlers opinion, combo moves in a hole have more potential then a wave. Why? Well because you can link more then just two moves together. Recently I was lucky enough to link up a KY sequence on Baby Face (blunt to pistol flip). Stoked. But somehow that just doesn’t seem as hard as a backloop mcnasty. Nor as hard as a space godzilla->cartwheel->splitwheel->phonics monkey. That last combo is just to show you that you can link 4 different moves together in a hole. You could probably link up an entire 45 second ride if you were good enough. Probably not possible on a wave.

Don’t get me wrong though, I love wave boating. There is nothing like throwing a biiiig move on Bussy. But I also enjoy hole boating.

Ben Brisbourne (the new guy at the paddling school) is British, so that means he watches all kinds of British kayaking updates and those paddlers, which are also unreal hole paddlers. They link up the most ridiculous combos possible. James Bebbington, Bren Orton, Sam Ward, are a few names that come to mind.

Here’s an example of Bren Orton’s paddling. Ridiculous Combo’s near the end.

So after struggling with some combos, it’s time for some Q&A:

Q: I paddle almost every day. Not just at Earls but other places too (Ottawa). Do these guys paddle that much?
A: If no, then it’s probably just me not being talented enough. If yes, then:

Q: Is it just that the holes in the UK are nicer for this type of thing then say Earls or Pushbutton?
A: If no, then i’m probably just not talented enough, if the answer is yes then I feel a lot better about myself.

So after expressing my pointed opinions, the combo’s I’ve actually managed to pull off are
– Space Godzilla to Carthweel
– Carthweel to Phonics Monkey
– Cartwheel to Loop
– Very close on the Backloop Mcnasty

So, how might combo’s apply to the average joe? Well the learning lesson here is that 2 or 3 seasons ago I would have laughed at the idea that I would ever get to this point. So really, don’t limit yourself mentally. You can probably do things you couldn’t imagine if you gave it a shot.

Here’s a short clip to show you what I’ve been working on. Threw in some other filler moves there too. On this nights session I only threw two different combo moves, but I’m pleased to say I nailed both every time I wanted to

Some Combos from Team Boatwerks on Vimeo.

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