Catching Up

So it’s been a while since a blog update. No big deal. We’ve got content that needs posting.

Recently our Boatwerks website went through a transitional period. Our website was hacked, our emails deleted. And then our site got revamped as well. With a lot of issues, I might add.

Like not knowing how to use the blog software, and that it was actually attached onto the website coding among other things. It’s safe to say it took a while to figure out.

Some things we are working on:

– A place to reg as a new user!
– Avatars that actually show up on Boaterboard
– Moderators that know how to prune spam and inappropriate posts (still learning)

Please drop me a message if you’ve seen some issues come up on the site and we’ll get them fixed!

And for your reading and viewing pleasure, more blog updates.

So for your enjoyment, here is 2 days of paddling we did last fall with the Team.

Ottawa Fall 2012 from Team Boatwerks on Vimeo.

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