First Paddle In the Wave Sport Mobius

I just got into a Mobius this past Friday for about an hour after work. And, what can I say, this boat definitely plays to my style.

It took about 5 minutes to outfit, which meant more time on the water. The first thing I noticed sitting in it was it definitely felt shorter than my Project X56. I’m a tall guy, at 6’1″, and despite feeling shorter, it was still pretty comfortable on my feet.

Rather than a warm up paddle I just dropped right in… here’s the highlights of the hour

The first things I noticed, the boat felt pretty smooth to throw around. The edges weren’t grabby, but were still there when you needed them. At first I threw a few loops and space godzillas, which I did with barely trying hard at all. This thing provides some pretty great pop and whips around easily.

It took me a couple tries to get the feel of some harder tricks like Mcnasties and Ponics Monkeys but once I dialed it in, it stayed that way! Some other moves like carthweels and felixes followed which all felt pretty natural. It was a pretty bad level at Earls, being a little flushy, and a little fast and normally speaking I have a hard time with it at these levels. The only thing the level held back was some combos.

All in all, I’m pretty happy with the amount of pop this boat provides. It added a lot of extra fun into loops and made them pretty easy ( like really easy!) The volume distribution on this boat is well tuned. The stern comes around beautifully.

I was curious to see how Wave Sports new designer, Hans Nutz, would do on a play boat. He definitely delivered. He also designed the Recon, which I also really love.

I’m stoked to take this boat on a wave next which should happen sometime soon! For now I’m stoked for tomorrows paddle! If you haven’t tried it, definitely give it a test paddle. It makes the basics really easy to learn… easier than most boats I’ve paddled.

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