Shoulder Recovery

So back during the ski season I separated my shoulder (type 1). In the park, which figures because I’m too old for that $4!t anyway. Trying to keep up with the athletes I coach. People kept telling me “at least it’s the end of the season” not realizing that it was prime playboating season in the Kootenays. The best playwave (Brilliant Wave) was in for a while.

Not only this, I missed creeking my favourite local creek, the Drag. It’s too low now. I also missed high levels of EPIC proportions on the Gull and other creeks. There was a state of emergency for the township due to flooding and it all looked pretty kick ass for kayaking.

But as they say, $4!t happens. Normally you try to learn something from being injured but all I really learned was it really is only a matter of time when you play the odds, and being injured sucks. I’ve been inured before and it was nothing new. You find a way to get over it and something to do in the mean time. At least I could keep skiing for the most part (not the first 2 weeks anyway).

But I did put in some solid paddling before hand on the Trail Wave (aka Rock Island. But not the one in TN).

The good news is the Boatwerks Boys are back in action, Terminator is coming in, and we’ll be back playboating and creeking this weekend. We’re going to be making a hali creeks compilation at some point when we get around to it!

Edit is below.

Stay safe out there!

February – Trail Wave from Team Boatwerks on Vimeo.

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