Status of the Gull

So I’ve been getting a lot of questions and there has been a lot of speculation on the state of the Gull River after the spring flood of epic proportions.

People have been preaching doom and gloom and how it will never be the same again etc. So I’m going to put out there what has actually happened.

Mike getting some amplitude

From a kayakers perspective, and the way the water moves, it’s the same. Visually speaking, it’s a little different.

The biggest thing being a concrete wall river left below the dam has blow out. But there is maybe 1% or less of the flow diverting down it during normal summer flow (now, at 8.2)

All the same eddies we like to catch are there. There is one missing on river right above whitehorse falls beside slot rock but it was pretty crap to begin with.

Earls has subtly changed. I doubt many people will notice unless you frequent the spot. I put in my first session there yesterday and threw some pretty good rides and stuck when I got it right, including some combo moves.

There are a few rock walls that have been displaced but it doesn’t effect the normal water flow.

The only real major thing missing is the lack of a predictable bottom wave. Not that it was any good to begin with in recent years but occasionally it was.

Entry McNasty. Stoked!

So there you have it, the Gull is more less the same river with all your favourite little eddies and a few minor changes. Tell your friends to come and playboat! We’ll be there.

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